Things haven’t been right with the famous sex-positive podcast “Call Her Daddy” for quite some time now. It started with the episode titles becoming mysterious and more dark than usual and then the last episode featured Kesha’s song “Praying” and the hosts Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn telling listeners to interpret that how they wish.

Sounds a bit sketchy, if you ask me.

Well- fans were right. Something was going on with Call Her Daddy. A LOT of things.

The hashtag #FreeTheFathers started trending all over social media after Cooper and Franklyn posted that they couldn’t legally reveal what was going on. But then, on May 17, it was revealed that the months of suspicion and cryptic messages were all about issues with contract negotiations.

Call Her Daddy started out as an independent podcast featuring hosts and best friends Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn as they hilariously shared their dating and sex experiences. The show is raunchy and honest, something that listeners loved and a reason why it did so well. After only a month of production, Call Her Daddy got picked up by Barstool Sports, where it really took off. But that is also when all the drama started happening.

The drama over contract negotiations basically has to do with the fact that Alexandra and Sofia wanted to explore their options of leaving Barstool Sports. After hearing this, Dave Portnoy, the Barstool Sports founder, offered Cooper and Franklyn a $500,000 salary and 6 months off their original contract. Cooper agreed, but Franklyn didn’t- and fans speculate it’s all because of her boyfriend and HBO Sport exec, Peter Nelson.

The gist of the situation stems from Franklyn wanting more money from the podcast and stating that Cooper went behind her back to negotiate with Portnoy. Cooper supposedly wants more than a 50/50 share of revenue and disobeyed Franklyn’s trust to do so.

Whether or not that is true, no one is exactly sure. All we know is that Call Her Daddy is at a bit of a standstill as of now. Oh, and that Peter Nelson is the absolute worst.