We know about your secret Pinterest board full of majestic garden inspo. We know about it because we too fawn over picture-perfect gardens providing fresh herbs to cook with. You may not have a green thumb, but we’ve rounded up a list of plants that are easy to grow indoors. You might not have enough space for a lush outdoor garden, but you can bring it indoors with these plants.

You can grow all kinds of varieties of peppers indoors, so brush up on your pepper-using recipes. Stick with small, easy to grow peppers like Thai peppers or Habanero, since some varieties are only ornamental. It’s easiest to start with a small pepper plant from the store unless you have the patience to wait for nearly a month for the seeds to germinate.

Pepper plants prefer temperatures from seventy to eighty degrees, but they aren’t fussy plants. Your indoor pepper plants will produce smaller fruit than outdoor ones, but you won’t have to compromise on spice or healthy nutrients.

If you can’t grow basil, you should probably evacuate your home because there must be something in the air — this one of the easiest herbs to grow and doesn’t take much space at all. There’s nothing like the feeling of harvesting your own basil and adding it to your favorite pasta dish. You can start with seeds or young plants. Just keep the soil damp, don’t overwater, and put the pot in a window. For the patient monks reading, if you choose to start with seeds, it will take about two months before you can harvest your basil.

That’s right, broccoli. You can grow it indoor, and the taste is way better than the store-bought bunches. Broccoli is easy to grow indoors, and you won’t even need that much sunshine; it does fine with only about six hours of sunlight and flourishes in cooler temperatures. Broccoli comes in a ton of different varieties, but Calabrese is one of the simplest to grow.

Swiss Chard
After trying your homegrown Swiss Chard, you’ll never go back to store-bought. It’s almost like a different plant when eaten out of the garden and has a lovely spice to it. Swiss Chard is easy to grow indoors but does require a good amount of sun and water, so this is a plant you’ll want to grow during the spring and summer.