6 Cute Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter

Sure, there are times in fall and winter when you’re willing to risk frostbite by going stocking-free in your stilettos (or even—gasp!—an open-toe heel) in the name of fashion. Of course, as we get a little older and wiser, we realize that warm feet are happy feet—and we’re all about being happy.

The good news: Your style doesn’t have to suffer in the name of toasty toes. We found six shoes, socks and accessories that are not only functional (think: warm), but fashionable, too, so you can get through whatever winter scenario you find yourself in. Now, how hot is that?

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1The Heat Is On

Scenario #1: You’ve got a fun day planned—tailgating, football, heading out for post-game drinks with pals—but toting around your own space heater just doesn’t look cool and surely won’t make it past security.

Solution: The multilayered Dr. Scholl’s for Her Cozy Cushions Insoles fit inside your shoe or boot, insulating your feet against cold and dampness, but also absorbing perspiration. So you can still wear your cutest shoe styles, while staying warm and dry. Score!

Dr. Scholl’s for Her Cozy Cushions Insoles, $10-$15

2These Boots Were Made for Walkin’ (in Snow)

Scenario #2: It snowed. Like, a lot. And your bus stop is several blocks away.

Solution: Pack away your work shoes and pull on a pair of Sorel Caribou boots. Yes, they’re big, but they’re trendy, too. And, true, they’re heavy—in fact, you’ll get a bonus workout in while trying to sludge through the snow and slush. But with waterproof construction and a removable felt liner, your feet will stay totally dry and toasty in even the coldest conditions.

Sorel Caribou boot, $140

3Moc Trial


Scenario #3: You’re heading out to meet friends for dinner, but the idea of spending the entire meal wishing you had worn warmer shoes doesn’t strike you as fun. But wearing your snow boots to a nice restaurant? Not too cool.

Solution: Find a fleece-lined bootie that’s not only hipster chic with a funky Bohemian vibe, but also filled with a super-soft suede pile lining and padded cushion insole. This fringed boot from Minnetonka looks great with jeans or gives tights and a skirt an edge. Cozy, comfy and cool? That’s the winter style trifecta.

Minnetonka Pile Lined boot, $57.95

4Sock It to Me

Scenario #4: You don’t care if it’s cold enough to see your breath. You’re dying to wear your new boots/sneakers/oxfords no matter what.

Solution: Pull on a pair of super-warm, stylish socks. We actually love the idea of a bright, patterned or sparkly sock peeking out above your shoe or bootie. In fact, we could build our outfits around Stance’s soft cashmere wool styles in Nordic Night (a Fair Isle/skull and crossbones print), Wonder (black with sparkles) and Chief (a cool black and white pattern). And we’ll definitely be pairing Diamonds, an over-the-knee wool-blend sock, with our tall boots this season. Girl’s best friend? You bet.

Stance socks, $24-$30

5Shear(ling) Genius

Scenario #5: You love your Ugg boots, and most days, you don’t care if they look clunky. They’re comfy, soft and oh-so-warm. But you also know they’re not exactly go-to footwear for work or date night.

Solution: Own your Uggs and wear them, too. Shop the Ugg Collection for high-end slippers, oxfords, rocker-style boots and even stiletto knee-high styles that still contain the trademark Ugg sheepskin footbeds you love. The Raffaela, a tall boot in chestnut suede or black leather, will keep you looking fierce (and warm!) on even the frostiest of days.

Ugg Australia Raffaela boot, $695

6Get Fleeced

Scenario #6: Your rubber Hunter or other Wellington-style boots are perfect for rainy spring days, but, while they do keep your toes dry in winter snow and sludge, they’re not exactly keeping the numbness away.

Solution: Just add socks! These special fleece-lined socks are designed to slip inside your rain boots, which means you can still wear your cute Hunters without the fear of your toes turning blue on your winter walk. Available in a slew of colors, patterns and textures—including chunky knit, micro fleece, cable knit and faux fur (we’re loving the Moss Cable Cuff socks)—you can easily match your socks to your ensemble. Freezing temps? Bring it.

Hunter socks, $30-$50

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