Eat Pretty

Eat Pretty

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It’s hard to think about the fall season without pumpkins coming to mind—from pumpkins displayed on porches to pumpkin spice in nearly every coffee...

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A big part of my job involves diving daily into the latest research on food. Although the internet, TV and magazines have given people...

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Lemons are so much more than the star ingredient in lemonade. Check out all of the fabulous ways you can use this citrus wonder.

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We take the guesswork out of whether the foods in your fridge are destined for the trash or safe to eat.

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Adding some spice to your life can help you lose weight, ease aches and pains and even heat up your love life. Now that's hot!

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The Mediterranean diet comes with a slew of beauty and health benefits, including reducing your risk of diabetes.

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From helping you get a grip on your cravings to lowering blood pressure, why it's a health "win" to include eggs in your diet.

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Nix calorie- and fad-laden mayonnaise for tastier, healthier spreads that do a body good.

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Yes, you can eat organic without breaking the bank. The trick is to choose your organic foods wisely.

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Don't let winter get in the way of eating a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables. Here's how to enjoy a variety of produce and build a more beautiful immune system.

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Master the grill without messing with your health.

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YouTube beauty vlogger, BellaDeLune, unleashes the circus for an ultimate color-correcting finish!

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It's urine, not chlorine, that makes your eyes sting in the pool!

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