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Try these makeup tips to accentuate your gorgeous eyes.

All About Eyes

Almond eyes

Almond eyes

Our favorite almond-eyed beauties: Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Katherine Heigl, Leighton Meister, Olivia Wilde, Emma Watson, Christy Turlington, Mila Kunis, and Eva Longoria

To all the almond-eyed ladies out there—wow, do you have it made.

Ultra-feminine and classically beautiful, Your Cleopatra-esque lids are an extremely desired eye shape. “Ideally, most women want to make their eyes appear almond shaped,” says MAC Senior Artist John Stapleton says. “Most techniques in makeup are employed to achieve this exact eye shape.”

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To accentuate your covetable eye shape even more, line your upper and lower lash lines and go as bold as you dare—jet-black liquid liners are an almond-eyed gal’s best friend.

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Narrow eyes

Narrow eyes

Our favorite narrow-eyed beauties: Carey Mulligan, Ellen Pompeo, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sandra Oh, Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Biel and Taylor Swift

In our opinion, narrow eyes don’t get enough props—there’s something so mysterious and sexy about them. Yep, gals with narrow eyes are the ones who keep us on our toes.

MAC Senior Artist John Stapleton suggests avoiding heavy, dark shadow and liner, which can overpower narrow eyes and close them up too much. Stick with light, iridescent shadows instead.

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Round eyes

Round eyes

Our favorite round-eyed beauties: Zooey Deschanel and Twiggy

When it comes to eye shapes, round is feminine and versatile—you can try out a lot of different makeup looks on round eyes.

Round eyes look very youthful, and you can exaggerate your eyes’ girly fullness by shading all around the perimeter with a smoky eyeshadow.

It’s also easy to make them appear more almond-shaped. The trick? Apply liner around the perimeter of the eye, and then extend the liner out to create a beautiful almond shape, says MAC senior artist John Stapelton.

If you have small, round eyes and want them to appear bigger, use the same technique with light or frosty liner shades to really open up the eyes.

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Hooded eyelids

Hooded eyelids
Our favorite hooded-eyed beauties: Lucy Liu and Blake Lively

Hooded lids—very common among Asian ancestry, but seen in every ethnicity—require some clever makeup mastery.

With this eye shape, a piece of skin folds over the lower part of the eyelid, so dark shadows are best to make the lid stand out. No wonder bold makeup looks amazing on this type of eye.

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