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You can have your own endless summer with surfer girl hair tricks straight from the beach (and Tribeca).

| August 19th, 2013
Photos: Jane HouleBeach beauties in Montauk, NY.
Surfer girl hair tricks straight from the beach

YES! YES! YES! A quick survey of the surfers, lifeguards and scenesters soaking up the rays at Ditch Plains surf beach in trendy beach town Montauk, N.Y., reveals women are still mad about Herbal Essences' “totally organic experience.”

Some surfers even keep the conditioner on the beach to mix with their salt-infused hair for detangled-yet-windswept tresses. As for their color? It’s the sun! Trimming? Just once or twice a year! Yes, the Montauk bunch are particularly laid-back when it comes to hair maintenance.

For those craving a bit more guidance on how to protect and/or rehab summer hair, I turned to trichologist (aka hair and scalp scientist) Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips at Philip Kinglsey’s NYC clinic who suggests:

“It’s important to think about protection pre-exposure, rather than damage control. Think of your scalp the same way you think of your face and protect it with SPF. To avoid lifeless, greasy hair, target the application of the SPF. Saturate a Q-tip with a broad spectrum sunscreen and apply it directly to the part line. Additionally, use products with UV filters to give the length of your hair a layer of sun protection. On a weekly basis use a scalp treatment that’s a combination of vitamins and minerals as well as emollient conditioners.”

Great treatments to try are the Philip Kingsley Stimulating Scalp Mask and Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil.

We also chatted with Sera Sloane, who runs an invite-only hair studio in Tribeca, NYC, called Only Child. Sera has also been called upon to style the locks of adorable surfer Quincy Davis for cool surf shop Saturdays so she knows a thing or two about dealing with summer hair.

Photos: Jane HouleStylist Sera Sloane of Only Child demos DIY surf texture.
Only Child Hair Salon, Tribeca

Sera’s preferred sun protection method? Lightly wet the hair and apply a conditioner, and then roll hair into your favorite Pebbles Flintstone top knot with a couple of pins. Pass that Herbal Essences, please. 

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