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  • 648 Look Of Love

    The Look of Love

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    Spring Trend: Green Eyeshadow for Every Eye Color

    From forest to chartreuse, a swipe of spring's hottest shadow color will make your peepers pop. Find out which shades look best with your eye color.
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  • Short Hair Makeup A

    Chop Your Hair, Change Your Makeup

    Chopping off your hair is a refreshing way to completely change your look. Here's how your makeup tricks should change along with it.
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  • Cat Eye 1 A

    How to Create the Perfect Cat Eye

    Recreate Olivia Wilde's gorgeous cat-eye look with this step-by-step makeup tutorial.
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  • Makeup Your Eyes Ch

    Best New Eyeliners for Your Eye Color & Shape

    Find the best eyeliner colors and best eyeliner application tips for your eye shape and eye color.
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  • Ask Scientist Mascara Below Eye A

    Ask a Scientist: Why Does My Mascara End Up Under My Eyes?

    Find out how to prevent this annoying makeup mishap.
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  • Lashes A

    New Lash Extensions—We Tried It!

    In the search for long, thick lashes, we try new lash extensions, LashDip at the Jose Eber salon.
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  • Simple Holiday Beauty Tips Ch

    6 Simple Beauty Tweaks For Holiday Sparkle

    Add something simple to your beauty routine to look glamorous this holiday season.
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  • Eye Shapes A

    All About Eye Shapes

    Try these makeup tips for your eye shape, whether you have a round eye shape, almond eye shape or narrow eye shape.
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  • Ask Scientist Eye Cream A

    Ask a Scientist: Do I Need a Separate Eye Cream?

    Not sure if you need to add an eye cream to your regimen? Here's what you need to know.
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  • Full Eyebrows A

    Why Full Brows Are Always In

    Why science says full brows are attractive and how to groom your brows to stay full and healthy.
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