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Getting more shut-eye won't just help you now, but also later in life when you need it most.

The three-time memorization champ tells us all about brain health.

The Scientist: Matthew J. Smith, Ph.D., research assistant professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of MedicineThe Answer: Surely there’s no lack of anecdotal evidence...

If things that happened a million years ago are still as painful as they were back then, this strategy may help you finally get over it.

Research indicates that reading online significantly alters how we retain information-and not in a good way.

New research shows green tea improves cognitive functioning.

Struggling to place an acquaintance’s name, forgetting a friend date, blanking on what you ate for breakfast—we’ve all experienced the occasional brain fart. Luckily,...

If we can understand how exercise increases our ability to learn and form memories, we may be able to create a pharmaceutical that does the same thing.

Here at YouBeauty, we love rehashing pop culture moments from the past, including terrible trends we loved (um, jelly shoes?), movies that changed our...

Being nostalgic can raise your mood and self-esteem, connect you with others and give your life more meaning.