It seems like more brands are jump-starting a social responsibility program, but unfortunately, a lot of the promises are still somewhat vague. It might surprise you that companies can advertise as cruelty-free in one country while allowing sales in countries that mandate animal testing.

The labeling systems make a seemingly straightforward cost convoluted and hard to understand. Not to mention the fact that contributions to causes remain cloaked in secrecy and often go undefined for the public.

Below are ten COMPLETELY cruelty-free brands you can feel safe buying if you’re concerned about animal welfare from the start of the production process to finish.

1. E.L.F. Cosmetics
Not only is it a budget-friendly brand, but it’s also animal-friendly. Everything is made of synthetic material, and the line never tests on animals!

2. Too Faced
A great example of a high-end line that’s completely vegan. You can keep using their award-winning mascara!

3. Becca Cosmetics
Not only is it cruelty-free, but it also doesn’t sell products in countries where testing is required by law.

4. Wet N Wild
Yup, this drugstore fave is endorsed by PETA and is entirely free. You can stock up without feeling guilty!

5. Urban Decay
Those amazing palettes can stay in your makeup drawer. Urban Decay is devoted to ending animal testing!

6. Tarte Cosmetics
Not all of its products are vegan, but the line is cruelty-free, and PETA approved.

7. RMS Beauty
With a cult following and all-natural formulas, this cult fave is also cruelty-free.

8. Cover FX
The line boasts amazing highlighter drops and a formula that’s completely free of parabens and animal testing.

9. NYX Professional Makeup
Many of the NYX products are vegan, and all are cruelty-free. This pro-fave is also PETA approved.

10. Kat Von D
Yup, Kat is an animal lover. Search “vegan” on the site to get a list of all the vegan products. They’re cruelty-free and committed to becoming completely vegan soon.