Some of us know unicorns from mythology; still others from “Harry Potter.” But a new generation of kids will know unicorns from Hollywood — Hollywood hair, that is. Celebs are all over the pastel “unicorn” hair trend and it doesn’t look like they’re stopping anytime soon.

Check out these celebs who are rocking pastel unicorn locks that are the envy of every My Little Pony out there!

1Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner loves her wigs, and the most recent addition to her line-up is a mint green color she calls “cotton candy.” Stay tuned, we’re betting cotton candy pink and blue will be next on her wig roster!

2Gwen Stefani

gwen stefani

Even old school style icons like Gwen aren’t immune to the unicorn trend. Her hairstylist Danilo achieved this look with Manic Panic in Ultra Violet, which means Gwen will go back to her roots eventually… or she can just switch to a different temporary shade.

3Jenny McCarthy


It’s always a surprise when a star goes rainbow, but heads turned when Jenny McCarthy ditched her famous blonde for this loud and proud pink. To make a look this bold last, Abraham Sprinkle of Keratin Complex recommends using a hair color and a stain as “an insurance policy against fading.”

4Kylie Jenner Goes Teal

Kylie surprised the world when she stepped out in West Hollywood with a sky blue mane of extensions (again!).

5Kelly Ripa

kelly ripa blue hair

The morning show host has showcased her wild side lately, going from a mermaid pink to her latest deep blue thanks to hairstylist Ryan Trygstad.

6Julianne Hough

Known for her usually blonde cropped cut, Julianne Hough recently dyed her hair pastel pink with the help of celebrity stylist Riawana Capri.

7Kylie Goes Aqua

No stranger to drastic hair changes, Kylie Jenner rocked a turquoise, lengthy hairdo at Coachella this year. It may or may not have been a wig.

8Hilary Duff

Opting for an aqua-colored ‘do, Hilary Duff dove head first into the world of pretty pastels by dying her whole head of hair. Although, she seemed to like the blue look, she quickly dyed her hair a vivid pink with hints of grey hues running through it. (Check out her newest look here!)

9Nicole Richie

Hair color chameleon Nicole Richie rocked a super-short, brilliantly pink pixie to gorgeously contrast her dramatic makeup look.

10Audrina Partridge

“The Hills” star added a bit of spunk to her naturally sun-kissed, blonde hair with some light blue and purple streaks on her ends.

11Kelly Osbourne

Known for her punk style and ever-changing hair, Kelly Osbourne chose a pastel purple mohawk for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. Subtle she is not!

12Katy Perry

Pretty, purple curls framed Katy Perry’s face at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. The brightness of her hair  was a nice way to stand out against her white, bejeweled dress.


Multi-colored rainbow hair — more like a bag of Skittles than a unicorn — was Kesha’s best accessory at the MTV VMAs this past year.

14Amber Rose

Amber rose recently sported a neon blue ‘do while heading out to a nightclub in California. Although the look didn’t last long, it was definitely a fun style for a night out on the town.

15Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is a girl notorious for loving a statement hair color, so this bold look comes as no surprise. She dyed her midnight-black hair with electric-blue tips for an edgy look.

16Kate Hudson

Not too keen on the super-bright dye jobs that other celebs have been rocking, Kate Hudson went for a more toned down look with a light pink coloring on her usually-blonde locks.

17Jourdan Dunn

Creating a Coachella perfect ‘do, this supermodel’s grayish-blue streaks were a nice changeup for Dunn.

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