Specific tools can make your routine much more manageable and the result cleaner. These are some tools makeup artists recommend, which will help you with the makeup application and will make you look better.

Eyelash Curler 

A good eyelash curler can make a huge difference. When your eyelashes are curled, they make your eyes seem bigger and brighter, and they will also appear much longer. You also want to use the eyelash curler correctly. Start at the bottom of your lashes and work your way up top.

Brush Cleaning Mat

It is vital to keep your brushes clean to avoid the irritation of the skin, and this product will help you do just that.

Sculpting Bar

A good sculpting bar can do wonders when used with a serum. It helps for better absorption and also helps the blood flow in your skin.

Powder Brush

A big fluffy brush is a must for applying powders. It will allow you to pick up and distribute the product evenly.

Beauty Blender

This legendary product truly revolutionized the application of products and is a must-have. You need to have this product for a natural, airbrushed finish.

Kabuki Body Brush

Kabuki brushes are great to apply shimmering lotions to your skin or a self-tanner.

Face Roller

This tool is excellent for massage and can help with sculpting the face.

Facial Steamer

A facial steamer can give you beautiful skin as you’ve just walked out of a salon. It helps open up the pores, and can also moisten up the air in your room.

Flat Eyeshadow Brush

A flat eyeshadow brush is great for packing the product onto the lid. It will help you get the desired pigmentation easier and works great when used damp.

Tapered Crease Brush

You need a good tapered brush to blend out the eyeshadow into the crease. This brush can also set the under eyes or to blend out concealer.


Tweezers are a must-have in any beauty bag. Makeup artists recommend the ones with angled ends, as they will help you get rid of the unwanted hair fast.


Having a clean spoolie on hand is a fantastic way to fluff out your brows or to brush out your eyelashes after applying mascara.