Lipstick is a staple in a makeup routine. There is a whole range of colors to choose from, and each color gives off a different vibe. Except, lipstick can be tough to wear. You can spend a good chunk of money on lipstick, but if you can’t get it to stay on throughout the day or night, what’s the point? Your lipstick might look poppin’ when you first put it on, but after dinner and a few drinks, it might vanish. If you have a hard time getting lipstick to stay on, we’ve got some tips that might help:

1Step 1: Prep Your Lips

Prepping means exfoliating and hydrating. Prepping your lips for lipstick is essential as it lays down the foundation. Exfoliating and moisturizing your lips will ensure they don’t crack, and the color stays looking sleek and fresh.

2Step 2: Lip Liner

Lip liner serves as an excellent base for lipstick (and overlining can help give the appearance of bigger lips!). Start with outlining your lips and work inward to lay down the color and foundation before the actual lipstick comes in.

3Step 3: Apply Lipstick

Carefully. Applying lipstick should be done carefully so you don’t mess up all the work you just put in with the lip liner. You can even opt for many of the long-lasting lipstick shades available if you’re going for the all-day look.

4Step 4: Set Your Lips

Setting your lips is just as important as it is setting your face. Use a translucent powder and a small brush to lightly set your lipstick into place and avoid those pesky lipstick stains.

Lip Kit Essentials: