Many people suffer from severely dehydrated skin on their hands from excessive hand washing to harsh, dry weather. Those who suffer from this ailment can attest to the painful nature when it strikes and can make some feel self-conscious about their appearance. Whether it’s to improve the hand care routine or prevent a sore breakout, here are five at-home remedies that can soothe dry hands from products that most have in the house. Get hands fully nourished in no time!

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is perfect for treating stubborn and difficult areas such as hands and feet. Generously rub the oil over your hands (and feet if they also need a little TLC) and wrap with cling-film to lock the goodness in. Leave on overnight, and by morning, your hands will feel rejuvenated.

Oatmeal Bath
Oatmeal has excellent anti-oxidants and is anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for treating a wide range of skin problems. Full of Vitamin E and ferulic acid, it can soothe even the driest of hands. Not just for hands, this treatment can be used for the entire body at the same time. Simply grind a cup and a half worth of rolled oats and add to a warm (not hot) bath. Relax and unwind for 15 minutes and let your entire body soak up these nutrients and replenish the skin. Once the 15 minutes are up, get out the bath and pat the skin dry.

Aloe Vera
Many people have some form of aloe vera moisturizer lying around the house from treating burns and other skin conditions. There are numerous benefits from aloe vera, such as accelerating the speed at which the skin heals and preventing harmful bacteria’s growth. Layer this on dry skin and keep hands moisturized throughout the day.

Drink Water
It may seem like such a simple answer, but drinking water can help with the problem. Skin can become severely dehydrated if you are not getting enough fluid into your system, so it is essential to ensure that plenty of water is drunk. It may be worth getting a water bottle that can track how much water you are drinking, as the recommended minimum amount for an adult is around two liters daily.

Honey is known for its healing properties and is a typical item in most kitchen cupboards. As an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, it helps the skin produce new cells, which are crucial for treating dryness. To use, slather all over your hands and leave for a few minutes before washing off. Skin will feel better for it.

Hands are often an overlooked area of our beauty regime, leading to them not receiving the proper care and attention they deserve. With these five at-home remedies to soothe dry hands, they will be healed and moisturized in no time. Whether it’s one or all five treatments, there is something here for everyone to try.