Wigs are becoming popular as Instagram shows how celebrities and influencers actually get ready. They are also a fantastic option if you want to switch things up without damaging your hair. But if you’re new to wigs, a quick internet search can be overwhelming as it pulls up dozens of websites with thousands of options. Here are some things to consider when shopping for your first wig.

    1. Decide the Hair Type: Two main types of hair are used to create wigs. Human hair wigs are the most realistic since they are made of actual hair, but they are also the most expensive. The wigs last several years and can be taken care of and styled like regular hair. Synthetic hair wigs are much more affordable and made of artificial hair. This means you can not use heat styling on the hair without ruining the wig. If you want to be able to style a synthetic wig, you need to make sure you get a heat resistant one, or you will be restricted to heatless tools. Unlike natural hair wigs, these last only a few months.
    2. Learn Some Construction Terms: You also need to consider what material is used to make the wig’s base. There are three main types that you’ll run into. Classic wigs, also known as ‘capless,’ are rows of hair sewn together. This makes it less versatile when it comes to styling, but it does have a natural look. Monofilament wigs have hair individually placed onto a mesh cap to create a scalp. This lets you part your hair in different manners. Hand-tied caps are monofilament wigs that use a different construction to achieve a more natural look. Lace fronts can be on any of these caps. These have a lace fabric around the hairline, allowing you to blend it into your forehead seamlessly.
    3. Learn Your Size: Measure the head circumference, so you know the appropriate size wig to purchase. This can be done by taking a cloth measuring tape and wrapping it around your head’s base. It should wrap from the top of your forehead to where your skull and neck meet; make sure to go above the ears. Most wigs come in petite, average, and large. Petite is about 21”, average is approximately 22”, and 23” is large.
    4. Try a Wig Shop: If possible, head to a wig shop to try them on. Wigs can be thousands of dollars, so you need to see these wig cap and hair types in person. Plus, most shops will let you try different options so you can see what shapes and colors look best. Some shops will also trim and customize them for you.

Watch Reviews: If you are set on buying online, try to find reviews for the wigs online. YouTube has so many useful videos where you get to see the hair on real people. Additionally, many reviewers will share their shopping experience, which can reveal if returns or issues were handled well. Once you get your wig, YouTube can also be a great resource to learn how to style your wig as well.