Not all of us live in climates where we can get a little color all year round. Even if you do, you should continuously wear SPF to protect yourself from UVA and UVB rays. This is why self-tanners work wonderfully and give you a tan without damaging your skin.
This self-tanner contains the shimmering particles that leave the skin looking glowy and healthy. The color looks very natural and develops in under 30 minutes. The formula also contains vitamin E, which keeps your skin protected from free radicals.
The formula of this product nourishes the skin and applies the color evenly without dry patches. It also comes in three different scents. This self-tanner is so great because it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy and dries quickly.
Many people enjoy this self-tanner as it looks incredibly natural and doesn’t leave streaks of color. The formula has a gel-like consistency and spreads easily.
If you are looking for a self-tanner in the shape of foam, this is one to try out. It is very lightweight and streak-free. The color develops beautifully and lasts a long while.
The formula of this self-tanner contains color-correcting properties, which give the sun-kissed skin glow that looks natural. If you never tried self-tanning, this is the perfect option as it’s pretty much fool-proof.
If it scares you to go all in, this self-tanner is the perfect choice for you. It delivers light bronzy tan that makes the difference without being obvious. It’s also hard to mess it up. It can be used in between your tanning sessions if you prefer something bolder.
Many influencers love this self-tanner. It will give you a natural-looking tan in less than 10 minutes. If you love looking tan and have been self-tanning for a while, this is the right product for you, as it will develop a dark color that many other self-tanners can’t achieve.
This formula gives the skin sun-kissed glow that looks unbelievably real. It also has hydrating properties and will leave your skin soft and moisturized, so you don’t have to worry about dry patches or uneven tone.