CES finished up recently, giving us more tech products to explore. While many gadgets still haven’t hit the mass market, there are many currently on Amazon that offer results on a budget. We compiled our favorites that deliver results with a high tech twist.

Vacuum Blackhead Remover 

This Vacuum Blackhead Remover uses vacuum technology to target blackheads, acne, and exfoliate dead skin. It also helps tighten skin and rejuvenate it, strengthening your skin bonds for a fresh glow. If you think the vacuum technology seems familiar, it’s because it’s often used in a Hydrafacial.

Finishing Touch Painless Hair Remover

This pretty hair remover comes in many different shades and looks like an ultra-luxe tube of lipstick! It’s perfect to neatly buzz off all the fuzz on the face, including upper lip hairs that interfere with precious makeup application. The spinning head is 18-karat gold plated to make things even more luxurious!

Vibration Facial Massager

This gentle massager utilizes positive and negative electrode technology to help remove any skin impurities while providing a gentle massage. Use the cleansing mode, which is powered by positive electrodes, to facilitate further cleaning. Switch over to the moisturizing mode, a negative electrode mode, to help your skincare products absorb better into the skin.

Face and Body Beauty Roller

This anti-aging face and body roller looks like a torture device at first sight, but the magic wand activates your skin cells, helping with blood circulation and fight signs of premature aging.

LED Vanity Mirror

If you have a beauty routine and love doing makeup, you know the importance of great lighting. The surrounding bulbs give you even light, ensuring even makeup application no matter how dark the room may be.

2-in-1 Hair Dryer Brush

Not a fan of doing your hair? This two in one brush minimizes drying and styling time to tame frizzy hair and get salon-worthy blowouts in minutes.

Hair Scalp Massager

Not every high-tech gadget requires batteries or a plug. This little scalp massager is perfect for all hair types, stimulating the scalp while shampooing for cleaner strands, cleaner scalp, and healthier growth.

Vibration Anti Aging Facial Massager

This massager generates not only vibrations for a gentle facial massage but also heat to increase blood flow. This helps purify pores and aids in slowing down signs of aging.

Face Roller Massage Kit

This gold tool comes with two different attachments for a gentle face massage. It allows for better serum and moisturizer absorption and tightens skin through continuous use. Plus, it looks pretty on your vanity!