From #ThrowbackThursday photos on Instagram to all the old school TV reboots that keep surfacing… The ’90s are back! It’s not only jean skirts and high-waisted jeans that are all the rage, but the beauty world is pulling tons of inspiration from our favorite decade. With the Morphe x Lisa Frank collection (Shop here) to the Makeup Revolution x Friends Palette (Shop here), we have seen nostalgia at the forefront of the beauty industry.

As much fun as all these new throwback collections are, not everyone wants to invest in a brand new palette or product, especially when you probably had the originals back in the day. But if you still want to pull those ’90s trends into today’s looks, we have the ones making a statement. And they are shockingly easy to recreate with beauty products you probably already have. Let’s take a blast to the past and check out the resurrected beauty trends.

The Cut Crease might not be something you want to throw into your everyday routine, but we have certainly seen it springing up in magazines and on the runway lately. And this is an entirely achievable way to put a little bit of your early years into your current day makeup. Start with a light shimmery shade all over the lid. Then instead of blending a mid-tone shade in the crease, take a deeper matte eyeshadow and stiffer brush to apply it. Then grab a clean blending brush and only blend up toward the brow, leaving a harsh line rather than blending it. Top it off with some matte black eyeliner, and that is all it takes to recreate this classic Monica Geller makeup.

White Eyeshadow was all the rage in the ’90s. Yes, so we’re super thin brows, but we can overlook that. A frosted eye look was everyone’s go-to look for red carpets and performances. Maybe because it stood out on stage or because it is a simple one shadow look. Either way, it is making a comeback. Today’s version of a frosted eye is a little bit less pastel and a little bit more champagne, but either way, taking a super light shade from your lash line to your brows is no longer nuts. Plus, if it was good enough for Beyoncé, who are we to question that?

Face Framing Tendrils are no longer something to cringe at. For years we would look back at photos of our awkward years and ask ourselves why? But now, pulling those tendrils out of an updo or sleek ponytail is praised. Instagram models have been rocking this style for months now. Even Kendall Jenner has been relaunching this look since back in 2015. If you ask us, it does amp up your average hairstyle. And with a touch of texturizing spray, these pieces should steer clear of clinging to your face and becoming a greasy mess like when we were tweens. Instead, they should look chic and stylish, just as Kate Moss would want it.

Scrunchies are back and better than ever. Although we are avoiding the side ponytail made famous by the young ladies of Full House, the scrunchie is a must-have once again. Whether you have a stash of them to toss your hair up for an at-home facial, a trip to the gym, or just a fun, stylish do, they are back to jazz up your hair. Celebrities are praising velvet and colored scrunchies on social media, and all are adoring the basic ones. And scrunchies are more than cute. They are even practical. Do you hate that dreaded crease regular elastics always leave in your hair? Well, scrunchies are a lot gentler on your hair, so there is no more of that nonsense.

Brown Lipstick has been back ever since Kylie Jenner’s love for Mac Whirl (Shop here) was made public. And we are still into it. From Julia Roberts to Drew Barrymore, pretty much every starlet of the ’90s made brown lipstick a must-have. And what makes it so loved by so many is that it looks good on just about every skin tone and is wearable enough for every day. So grab your favorite brownish shade of lipstick, swipe it on, and head to the past.

Perfected Matte Skin is so ’90s and so now. Tatyana Ali and Shannen Doherty inspired this flawless look on their hit TV shows, and the look is loved once again. Yes, dewy skin is also a trend, but this is more classic if you ask us. Do you remember when women used to excuse themselves to go and powder their noses? This is the soft and velvety skin those women would achieve. And it is so easy to do. For a classy and matte look, use a matte foundation, powder all over, and finish with your perfect burgundy lip.

Stop wasting time trying out new and questionable trends when these nostalgic and classic beauty looks are in again. Have you been dying to reach back into your beauty vault and pull out your old favorites? Well, now is your chance to go for it. Channel your inner Cher Horowitz because it is the time for that ’90s makeover you have always wanted.