I don’t know about you, but I’m still having a hard time accepting the Olsen twins as a high-end design duo. I grew up during the peak “Full House” years of the late ’80s and early ’90s, so the names Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will always mean Michelle Tanner to more more than The Row or Elizabeth and James, their two fashion lines. But a new solid perfume called Nirvana White from the latter line is doing its best to bring me up-to-date with the Olsens of 2015: sophisticated, classy and very grown-up.

Product: Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Solid Perfume Compact

Price: $48

We Think:


How to Use: Nirvana White Solid Perfume Compact comes in a small, golden case about the side of a matchbox. It’s a thickly-concentrated fragrance that’s perfect to swipe on your wrists from your fingers or from the compact itself. The compact is inspired by an antique keepsake that the Olsen twins own; it’s quite pretty on its own merit and would look lovely decorating a bureau or pulled out of a purse.

We Think: I already have a few fragrances I love (Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade) but Nirvana White by Elizabeth and James shot to the top of my list immediately. It’s scent of peony, muguet and tender musk evokes urbane femininity and sophistication; it just smells womanly. I also love how it’s a solid perfume, meaning I’ll never have to worry about spills.

A “sister” fragrance, cleverly named Nirvana Black, comes in identical packaging, but was far too musky for my tastes — Nirvana White is more lightly scented.  It feels luxurious, even though $48 for a desinger fragrance is quite affordable. I also personally feel that wearing a solid fragrance has more staying power than a few spritzes of perfume; I can still smell Nirvana White strongly on my wrists five or six hours after application, which is definitely not the case with my other fragrances.

Nirvana White Solid Perfume Compact is limited-edition, so I highly recommend checking it out a now if you’re on the hunt for a sultry new scent.

Disclaimer: I received Nirvana White Solid Perfume Compact as a sample.