Sunburns can irritate your skin and cause pain just in the hope of it developing into a tan. However, you can achieve a bronzed and sculpted face without basking in the sun. Self-tanner is an easy-to-use product that gives a sun-kissed glow.

You can contour and bronze your face overnight in a few simple steps. Also, you can mimic the same chiseled effect as if you’ve just come back from a beach vacation.
How to Contour With Self Tanner
Fake a holiday glow without sacrificing your skin! Self-tanning products can bronze and sculpt the face effortlessly. In addition, you can cut down your makeup routine and enjoy a healthy glow every morning!
Choose Your Tan
First, it’s time to search for your ideal self-tanner. For example, everyone may desire a different level of bronze. Also, self-tanning brands offer various formulas and shades, so you can find one that suits you the best.

One of the most common types of self-tan is a foaming mousse. However, you can opt for a self-tan made especially for the face, or a spray.
Grab a Brush
Next, choose a comfortable brush to use that can blend products easily. For example, a synthetic bristle brush will aid in getting an air-brush finish, and it can handle most self-tan formulas.

Opting for a contour or cheek brush can make the sculpting process a breeze. Also, a brush with dense or packed bristles can aid in blending.
Apply Self Tan
Applying tan in small sections will allow you to control where and how much product you add to the face. In addition, you’ll want to tap or create patting motions for a seamless blend.

Swiping the product or brush may result in a streaky or uneven outcome. Instead, you can apply the self-tan anywhere you typically use bronzer or contour.

For example, you can hit the top of the forehead, hollows of the cheeks, and under the jaw.
Now, it’s time to let your tan develop. Again, you’ll want to follow your self-tanner’s directions because each brand or product will recommend different development times. Some tans can be worn overnight.
Finally, it’s time to rinse your tan with water. Again, it’s crucial to follow your tan’s directions to get the best outcome. Most self-tanners should be rinsed away with only water. However, double-check your product’s label for the best results.

Once the tan is rinsed, it’s time to enjoy your bronzy glow!
How To Preserve Self Tan
Self-tan can quickly fade if it’s exposed to various external elements like sweat, exfoliating, or excessive moisture. However, you can implement a few techniques to preserve your chiseled cheeks.
Dry and flaky skin can allow your self-tan to disappear in patches. So, opting for a gentle moisturizer can keep the skin hydrated and your tan intact. Also, it will have an extra layer of glow to achieve a fresh-face finish.
Avoid Exfoliation
Exfoliating will eliminate dead skin cells from the surface of the face. Also, exfoliating is necessary to remove fake tan, but it’s wise to avoid it for tan longevity. Removing this step from skincare temporarily will ensure the self-tan stays vivid and even.
Incorporate Bronzing Drops
Patchy tans may be inevitable. However, incorporating bronzing drops can help keep your complexion bronzed and chiseled. In addition, bronzing drops will temporarily add color and depth to the skin.

Also, bronzing drops can be used alone or mixed into your moisturizer.