Topicals are the latest Gen Z brand taking a new approach to skincare. In addition, they’ve created a space where every skin tone and concern can be addressed with care.

Founders Olowe and Teng have dealt with chronic skin conditions and noticed a lack of brands catering to all skin tones. Since launching in 2020, Topicals has seen immense success despite having a few setbacks.

In one interview with Allure, “they had to push back the Topicals launch date twice, once due to a pandemic-related supply chain snag and again to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

What else can you expect from this WOC-owned brand?
The Topicals Mission
Topicals creates science-backed products that are effective for all skin tones. In addition, a wide range of their products targets chronic skin conditions such as eczema and hyperpigmentation.

Also, Topicals is a strong advocate for mental health and funner flare-ups. Our skin is bound to go through multiple phases in a lifetime, and Topicals is here to make the journey more enjoyable.
Product Guide for Summer Skin
Topicals ensure there is a healthy and effective way to soothe flare-ups and create a strong skin barrier. In addition, these products will slowly help achieve brighter and smoother skin texture, just in time for summer, or even year round.

Chronic skin conditions don’t define personalities, and now it’s simple to care for them nourishingly.

Kiss Hyperpigmentation Goodbye
Faded Brightening & Clearing Serum ($38, shop here):

Acne and blemishes can be frustrating to treat, but the scars they leave behind can pose an immense challenge. Acne scarring, discoloration, and textured skin can feel like these blemishes never fully healed.

Thankfully, Topicals’s Faded Brightening & Clearing Serum will brighten and balance the skin. They’ve formulated this product with powerful skin-loving ingredients.

For example, Licorice Root minimizes inflammation, and Kojic Acid is an antioxidant that stops hyperpigmentation in its tracks.

Topicals recommend slowly adding this product to your routine weekly and following it daily with sun protection.

Stop Ingrown Hairs at the Source
High Roller Ingrown Tonic ($26, shop here):

Shaving in the summer is convenient, but many may agree that it can be highly irritating. In addition, shaving close to the bikini line can increase the chances of ingrown hairs appearing.

The High Roller Ingrown Tonic will ensure no ingrown hairs will ruin a smooth shave. Also, you can say goodbye to razor bumps and burns for good.

Topicals formulated this product with exfoliating components like Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, Glycolic Acid, and Zinc PCA. They also recommend applying the High Roller 2-3 times a week to clean/dry skin and applying SPF daily.

Keep Skin Buttery Soft
Like Butter Hydrating Mist ($30, shop here):

It helps to exfoliate and treat hyperpigmentation to achieve an even skin tone. However, moisturizing daily will ensure the skin is hydrated and healthy.

The Like Butter Hydrating Mist is safe for eczema. In addition, it can treat summer skin concerns like sunburns, chafing, and heat rashes.

Soothe irritated skin with a blend of nourishing ingredients like Green Tea, Allantoin, and Ginseng Root. You can mist this product onto clean skin and allow it to dry before using a moisturizer.

Squeeze Every Drop
Main Squeeze Tube Key ($3, shop here):

Topicals package some of their products in an aluminum tube, and it may not always be the easiest to dispense every last drop. The Main Squeeze Tube Key will ensure you get the most out of your products without wasting money down the drain.

This stainless steel key is durable and can even work for other skincare products with similar packaging.