When you think of algae, your mind probably doesn’t go to gorgeous skin. But just think of all the life that thrives in the ocean. Algae is a top-notch moisturizer that’s known for its ability to take hydration to the next level. Pro tip: it’s also known as seaweed, so look for marine algae, seaweed extract or algae extract in products that plump wrinkles, smooth skin, or balance moisturize.

Here are some of our favorite algae beauty products that bring the power of the ocean to your daily routine.

1POWER Advanced Wrinkle Fighter Serum

algenist wrinkle fighter

This anti-aging serum uses Alguronic Acid and a patented peptide complex to target wrinkles, then algae extract smoothes them out with its advanced moisture capabilities. // Algenist, $105

2Sea Foam Complete Face Wash


Want to bring a little bit of the beach to your beauty routine? This cleanser is made from coconut water and papaya, plus moisture-balancing algae extract. // Pacifica, $10

3Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara

pacifica mascara

Skin isn’t the only thing that benefits from moisture. No more spidery, cracking lashes with coconut, algae and vitamin-B infused mascara. // Pacifica, $13.99

4White Brightening Even Tone Lotion


Banish those pesky spots and hyper-pigmentation with daisy and kiwi extract, then add moisture back into the skin with red algae. // Elemis, $70

5Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream

fresh eye cream

Fresh’s Super 7 Complex contains everything from starfruit to lemon to our own star, algae, guaranteed to make sure your under-eyes are shining as bright as the rest of your glow. // fresh, $42

6Blue Marine Algae Intense Hydrating Mask

peter thomas roth
Peter Thomas Roth

Coat your face in this soothing mask for 10 minutes and rinse off for soft skin that lasts all day.  // Peter Thomas Roth, $52

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