How many times have you slaved under a hair dryer or worked your strands into a mane masterpiece only to find that hard work immediately expand and frizz-up the moment you walk out the door?

With the exception of one YouBeauty staffer who’s been kissed by the frizz-free gods, most everyone experiences one form of frizz or another. But what’s so exasperating about this follicular affliction is there isn’t a singular solution that works for all.

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Talk to any woman and she’ll swear by her particular poof protector—be it a product or a concoction of several smoothers. That’s cause everyone’s hair is different: your cut, texture, the amount of proteins, oils and moisture—even how often you shampoo your strands—all influence the outcome.

There’s moisture in the environment and in our hair, but when those levels are different from one another, your hair instinctively draws in the additional moisture to balance itself out. That’s why styling products are your BFF in the fight against frizz. Here are a few standouts that were vetted by the YouBeauty staff.

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