Unless you live under a rock, you have likely seen or heard something about blackhead vacuums. Nearly every beauty blogger has reviewed one. These handy gadgets are super intriguing. They are advertised all over Amazon. Even though these tools have been around for a few years, the hype doesn’t die down.

You know the satisfaction you get when you rip off a pore strip and see all your grossness come off. You may have even used a blackhead extractor to scrape those nasties out of your skin. But seeing blackheads sucked out of someone’s nose with a vacuum… there is nothing like it.

But with all the hype, do these gadgets work? Are blackhead vacuums just a weird fad, or are they beneficial to your skin?

First, let’s get into what these devices claim to do. Most claim to reduce acne and blackheads, but many take our expectations to a whole new level. These devices claim to reduce the appearance of large pores, scarring, and even fine lines and wrinkles. Those are pretty hefty promises.

But when you see someone’s nose go from speckled with dark spots to completely smooth and clear, no wonder everyone and their granny is picking up a blackhead vacuum. But are those photos edited? Are the results you see online real?

The surge of YouTube reviews on these devices draws from fun and eye-catching thumbnails of a machine literally pulling on your skin. But, with that comes genuine intrigue. It is weird-looking, but is it worth it?

There is a reason so many people want these devices. The other remedies like steaming, extracting, pore strips, and the like aren’t effective enough. Plus, with today’s desire for instant gratification, we want a result NOW. What could be more instant than a device sucking the unwanted stuff out of your pores?

So how do these blackheads or pore vacuums do it? Well, just as a vacuum sucks up pet hair and grime in your carpet, these vacuums do the same for your skin. They suck up the debris, dead skin cells, and gunk that is on your skin. But, that does not mean they are a cure-all for blackheads and acne, and it does not mean these devices will work for everyone.

If your blackheads are already loose and near the surface, a device like this will work. So try it after a steamy shower, face mask, or even a bit of exfoliation.

But, most of these pore vacuums have multiple suction levels, and that is where problems begin. Not enough suction, and it won’t do anything; too much suction and you end up with red, irritated skin, or even a hickey-like mark. Plus, if you don’t use it properly, there could be issues.

You are supposed to gently drag the vacuum across the skin and angle it up to remove it. But, if you pull the vacuum off your skin without angling it, you will have red circles and even bruises. If you have sensitive skin that turns red after applying your moisturizer, this is not your friend.

Not only can too much suction on sensitive skin cause a bruise, but it can also break blood vessels which can cause permanent damage and require lasers for removal. This is also an extra step in your skincare regime. It will not replace your scrub, cleanser, toner, serum, or moisturizer. Not to mention, it can be pretty painful.

This is all-important to keep in mind when thinking about buying and trying a blackhead vacuum. Even though they are intriguing and satisfying, it is not without risk.