Dry shampoos offer convenience. They can help save time and can come off as life-saving, especially in dire circumstances, but when used regularly, it may not be as beneficial as you think. Contrary to the thought that dry shampoo helps, they do not. A typical shampoo enables you to remove accumulated dirt and oil from your scalp while keeping the follicles balanced and clear. Dry shampoos, on the other hand, do not help you remove built-up pollution or dirt; they simply help you mask it.

The same way that laying more makeup on already cakey makeup isn’t the answer, a dry shampoo only leaves room for more complication as more oil and dirt is added into the already built-up grime.

It doesn’t end in the accumulation of dirt on the scalp. Dry shampoos will, after continuous usage, clog your hair follicles while smothering healthy oils required by your hair for growth. For good and healthy hair, your hair should be regularly washed with water to remove greasy build-up and accumulated dirt, not coated with dry shampoo to mask dirt.

If you need to use dry shampoo at all costs, it should be used very sparsely and once in a while. Extensive use of dry shampoo could allow the build-up in the hair to become so horrible that it could give way to stunted hair growth and loss of already grown hair. With time, your hair will lose its natural luster, and it may lose its healthy shine and bounce.

Yes, dry shampoo is convenient, but it’s not the savior for your hair! Your hair needs to be cleaned properly at all times! Cleaning out with water and a great shampoo is the best way to do this. Unless you are aiming to go bald sometime soon, we would suggest that you ditch your dry shampoo and choose something that will extend protection to your hair follicles and scalp, helping your hair grow beautifully.