Skincare is constantly evolving. It used to be that you just had to wash your face and use a good moisturizer. Now, there’s serums, toners, eye creams, to name a few. There are even mini skincare fridges so you can keep your skincare products in pristine condition. And one of the trendiest products in the skincare world right now is jade rollers. We’ve all heard of jade rollers before, but I personally have never actually seen a person use one. So, what does a jade roller do?

Besides just looking like a pretty addition to your skincare closet, jade rollers have a purpose. Jade rollers are thought to help with lymphatic drainage which can help with puffiness. They are typically made out of jade or quartz stone, but it’s the massaging movement of the roller that helps your skin.

Jade rollers can help with a plethora of skincare issues. Its massaging properties can help with sculpting, reducing puffiness, circulation, detoxifying, and reducing fine lines. That’s a lot of skincare issues that a little stone on a roller can help with.

Although some people swear by jade rollers, there is no actual proof that jade rollers do anything. There’s no doubt that the massaging movements can help with cooling your skin and may help with blood circulation, making your skin glow temporarily. But there needs to be more research done to prove its other benefits.

For now, if you’re looking to jump on the jade rolling trend, it is a very pretty addition to your skincare routine, especially considering they come in rose quartz!