If you’ve been around the block recently or on the internet at all, you have probably seen some LED light therapy masks promoted. These are the masks you wear that make you look like a stormtrooper while allegedly zapping imperfections on the skin.

This seems like a fun idea, right? You can’t really be allergic to anything. They are easy to use. But they are pretty darn expensive. So, before investing in one of these innovative designs, let’s do some research.

LED light therapy masks sell at multiple price ranges, but all of them came from the treatments you would typically find in a dermatologist’s office. These are supposed to be more affordable and convenient ways to get those impressive results.

While red light treats inflammation and skin discoloration, it can also promote the production of collagen. When dealing with acne, blue light helps, and some brands even offer a yellow light for things like scarring.

Aside from the before and after photos, you might see on a brand’s website, these LED light therapy masks make a lot of promises. Plus, this product can actually be dangerous.

Anytime you deal with lights that can alter the skin, they can be dangerous for the eyes. Without proper eye safety masks like these can lead to eye pain, blurring vision, and in severe cases, blindness.

When using these sorts of light tools in a medical professional’s office, everything is carefully managed. The power setting, lighting, and more are all curated for optimal results.

When using an LED  light treatment at home, the effects will vary depending on which outlet you plug your device into and whether you are in the dark or minor sunlight.

There is also a lot less science involved in the at-home treatments. When you go to a doctor, the devices they use are medical-grade. When you purchase an LED light mask for at-home use, there is no telling if the mask will actually be strong enough to show any results.

Because of this, professionals say you may need to use at-home treatments more often to make up for the weaker intensity. And it is hard to figure out which of the thousands of LED light therapy tools are safe and effective.

Dermatologists recommend finding products that the FDA approves, but even with that, it only means they aren’t harmful, not that they are truly effective.

You can’t expect a product like this or anything to be a miracle. If you don’t stick to a skincare routine, forego SPF, and smoke, these LED light masks will be a waste of money.

You will see the best results from these sorts of machines with professional guidance, but if you choose to buy an at-home treatment, you will see the most effectiveness along with a healthy skincare regime.