Ariana Grande, a 22-year-old woman with 38 million Instagram followers, is releasing her first-ever fragrance. Exciting news, to be sure, but fans of Ariana’s may notice a surprising motif: ARI by Ariana Grande looks eerily similar to two donuts, one jelly and one strawberry glazed.

After her public donut-licking incident, internet apology tour, and narrow escape from charges, Ariana seems to be back on the sugar wagon. The fragrance has notes of fruit and florals, plus musks and woods and “an addictive hint of marshmallow.” Marshmallow… another great type of donut.

Ariana elaborated in a statement, “I’m so excited for all my fans to see the ARI bottle – I worked closely with the team and the designer to create a bottle that represents everything I love.  It’s beautiful, feminine and flirty all at the same time. The pom-pom is just an added wink that makes me smile every time I use the fragrance.”

“It smells like a dream,” says Ariana. But how does it taste?