To keep my hair from drying out and — in all honesty — because I don’t always have the energy or the time to wash and blow it out daily, I wash my hair every other day. On those in-between days, oil-absorbing dry shampoo is a godsend. It gives second-day hair a much-needed boost, infusing it with a fresh scent. I like trying out different dry shampoos in my quest for the perfect trifecta — oil absorption, natural-looking texture/volume, and a yummy scent — so I was glad to test out Arrojo’s version.Product: Arrojo ReFinish Dry ShampooPrice: $25We Think:


How to Use It: Shake well, hold the can eight to 10 inches from your scalp, and lift sections of your hair as you spray at the root. Then brush out your hair or simply shake it out with your hands.Full disclosure: I’m terrible about reading instructions first unless it’s doctor’s orders, so despite the fact that I unknowingly sprayed much closer than that, the dry shampoo didn’t leave those telltale powdery white streaks through my hair, which many dry shampoos do. Impressive.Results: Arrojo’s ReFinish Dry Shampoo gave my hair an enviable bedhead texture and body, countering the natural oils that can weigh down hair and make it look greasy over time. My hair felt a little stiff; although that’s no different from most dry shampoos I’ve used in the past, I was happy to wash my hair the next day. Next time, I’ll try keeping the recommended scalp-to-spray distance.Also, I didn’t think anything could smell better than my favorite Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, but Arrojo ReFinish Dry Shampoo’s fresh scent gives Oribe a run for its money. Speaking of, Arrojo’s is also less expensive. Bonus: The product wasn’t tested on animals so you can feel good about using it while you buy yourself some time between shampoos.Dislaimer: I received the Arrojo ReFinish Dry Shampoo as a sample.READ MORE: How to Go 3 Days Without Shampoo