It may not have been a tale of happily ever after for previous Bachelor winner Emily Maynard, but that hasn’t stopped her from looking for love…again. The Southern belle is on the hunt once more for Mr. Right—but this time, with a softer, sexier and dare we say it, younger look in tow.Indeed, Maynard’s MakeUNDER proves that a few simple beauty changes can shave a few years off, and make you look healthier and more approachable (read: attractive).Gone are the platinum tresses, über spray tan and strongly smudged kohl of yesteryear (well, winter 2011). Now, the 26 year-old Bachelorette appears to have hit her stride sporting a subtle shade of blonde and a softer palette of makeup hues that enhance, rather than overpower her features.MORE: Love Lessons from The BacheloretteHollywood makeup artist Gina Modica, who has worked on Maynard’s new beauty look this season, credits the switch to airbrush makeup by Temptu. “A lighter foundation and less powder give her a more youthful look,” Modica tells YouBeauty. “Also, I blend everything so there aren’t any hard lines.”They both favor “popping” the eye with lashes instead of smoky liner, opting for just a touch of neutral shadow and lots of individual black false lashes that Modica buys in bulk. “There’s no special name,” she says of the lashes. “You can find them in any beauty supply or drugstore.” Lips are equally low-maintenance for the single mom, who has been known to mix nude lipliner with Vaseline. She favors fleshy, pink-toned lip colors, according to her makeup artist.When it comes to her ‘do, Maynard is hands-on. “Emily does her own hair for most of the show,” says Modica. “For the rose ceremonies, we collaborate on the style that will look best with the dress she’s wearing.”Yet it’s hair color that New York stylist and salon owner Mark Garrison thinks has made one of the most dramatic differences to Maynard’s new look, transitioning from a “bottle blonde” hue to one with gradations of color that exudes sophistication. It just looks far more authentic, he says. “The highlights give dimension while the lowlights at the root give depth,” says Garrison. “The tone is more flattering to her skin and just looks expensive!”MORE: The Best Hair Color for Your SkintoneWill it also help work more magic for Maynard’s second go around at love? We’ll have to watch and see.