The trailer for the upcoming Backstreet Boys documentary is everything you could want in a film about a boy band from 15 years ago: plenty of choreographed dancing, a BSB-branded plane, the assertion that BSB was “the biggest boy band in the world” (excuse me, ever heard of NSYNC?), and the question “What do you do when you’re a full-grown man in a boy band?”The trailer also teases an inside look at the $300 million Lou Pearlman Ponzi scheme that affected basically every boy who crooned us into adulthood, including NSYNC, BSB, and New Kids on the Block.”Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” comes out in theatres and on VOD on January 30 and looks like prime viewing if you were a tween in the 90’s or if you need to educate someone on American culture.Brace yourself for some ’90s nostalgia — the flannel! — and watch the trailer below: