Beauty isn’t just about staying on top of the newest posting from the hottest Instagram style creator. The secret to real beauty is avoiding bad habits that can wreck your good looks, age your skin and even threaten your health. Take these tips from Jerrod Blandino, founder of Too Faced Cosmetics. After more than 20 years in the beauty business, he knows a thing or two about bad habits you should ditch.

Leaving Your Makeup on Overnight

It’s been a long, hard day and you can’t wait to fall into bed. But wait—you’re about to commit one of the biggest beauty mistakes ever. Habitually leaving makeup on another eight or nine hours will wreck your skin.  Make sure you have a plan in place for those nights when you cannot stand the thought of staying awake another minute to cleanse your face. Keep a stash of makeup wipes in your nightstand for a “something-is-better-than nothing” resort.

Neglecting to Apply Sunscreen Every Single Day

You absolutely must use sunscreen or moisturizer with sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. The sunscreen must have an SPF 30 or higher.  Apply as the last step before putting on makeup, and don’t think the sunscreen in your foundation is enough. This is serious business. Skin cancer is not only a threat to your good looks. It’s a killer.

Never Ever Changing Up Your Look

Dig out your high school yearbook and see if you’re still wearing the same old hair style that worked way back when. Have you stuck with your tried and true makeup palette for the past 10 years? Time to update, my friend. Even the classic, timeless looks need a refresh every so often. Seek out the advice of your local Ulta Beauty or Sephora expert and experiment with the latest, most flattering shades of lipstick. Weigh their suggestions and choose the ones you know look good on you.

Scraping the Bottom of the Mascara Tube

Makeup doesn’t last forever. That’s especially true for products that contain oil. You don’t want to put makeup that’s gone bad on your beautiful face, do you? Make it a habit to routinely ditch older products. Shelf life for mascara should be three months. Throw out lipstick after about a year. A good clear out will give you an excuse to experiment with the latest, greatest shades.

Forgetting to Drink Water

What is the opposite of parched, dry and drawn skin? A face that is plump, glowing and hydrated. The not-so-secret weapon in your beautiful skin arsenal is water. You can’t fake the healthy look that comes from keeping your skin and body hydrated by drinking water. Make the most out of makeup by applying to healthy skin.

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