From the loins of We Tried It comes He Tried It, a new column where the women of YouBeauty give a male friend/coworker one of our beauty products and make him report back after using it for a week. 


Alex Bedder, 23-years-old, Creative Editor


I’m using the BareMinerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener, which honestly sounds like an ’80s rock group and their hit single.

What’s your normal skincare routine?:

My skincare routine is pretty basic. I wash and moisturize my face twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Day One:

Was this concealer easy to use? Were you able to use it yourself or did you need help from a friend/Google? Do you notice any results?:

This concealer was super straightforward and easy to use. Because I resolved to be more daring in 2015 I applied it without seeking out any help from the Internet, but I did check in with a girlfriend just to make sure I applied it correctly.

I am generally sleep-deprived because of my job and the dark circlesunder my eyes could probably get me an audition as a featured zombie on “The Walking Dead,” so I was impressed that it actually made a difference. The darkness under my eyes (which borders on bruising, tbh) was significantly mellowed and smoothed out, and I looked not only like a person who gets eight hours of sleep at night, but also like a person with a pulse!

Day Three:

Is it any easier to use? Notice any different results?:

The second time around I was even more brazen and applied it at work! In the men’s bathroom! I didn’t get one comment, but I am unsure if that’s a reflection on common opinion of me OR if society is moving towards a less gender-policed world.

To switch things up, I also tried to get a bit more sleep and could barely even notice any kind of dark circles under my eyes, which looked so weird I had a hard time processing it. I feel like I had a different face!

Day Seven:

Will you continue to use this? Would you buy it?:

I think I would consider using this from now on, if only to freshen up when I need to look more lively or alert. It’s thin and compact, so I could carry it around in my bag all day and whip out before an interview or discreetly apply it in the bathroom when someone tells me that I look “nice, but kind of tired.” I am unsure about buying it, since I could probably put that money towards an alarm clock that uses changing lights and nature noises to lull you in and out of sleep cycles.

Does wearing concealer make you feel sexier? Did people notice changes in your skin? Did it feel strange to use it?:

Not sure if the product made me feel sexy, per se, but I think it did help me maintain the illusion that I am a human being with a functioning sleep schedule! It didn’t feel strange to use it at all, and it seemed there were less instances of people telling me that I should consider naps or melatonin so I can deem the entire experience a success!

Tell us something else about your week wearing concealer.

I think I’ve realized that maybe I’ve gotten too used to looking exhausted when a bit of coverup makes such a difference that I think my face looks weird. Perhaps I need a lifestyle change, or more beauty products to hide my unhealthy behaviors!

Alex used BareMinerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener as a sample.