Beauty Essentials for Your Makeup Bag

Grab your makeup bag and dump it out. Think about which products are essential, and set them aside. Are there beauty tools you can’t live without? Chances are, you just set aside most everything. Well, sometimes it helps to simplify your life. So here’s what you need to carry in that cosmetics bag, especially if you’re getting ready for a date night. A YourTango survey found that 41 percent of women find putting on makeup is one of the most self-confidence boosting activities. Ready to boost yours?

1Cream Blush

Give your face life! Fairer skins look for pinks, mediums look best with rosy shades, yellow complexions work well with peaches, and darker skin tones—wine shades. Every face is unique, so go by instinct. See prospective buys in daylight: If the color looks like the results of a good workout (your natural blush), then it’s the one. No need to carry a brush—warm fingers work. Plus, it’s longer-lasting than powder and easier to blend than gel.


2Dry Shampoo

When you’re short on time, just squirt some into your hands and massage into hair close to the scalp, then brush through. Baby powder is a simple substitution, but the smell might be a deterrent for some. With foam dry shampoo, you get the anti-grease benefits of powder, the sweet scent of freshly-washed locks and the volume power of a mousse—all in seconds!

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Blend a small amount atop cheekbones, the inner corners of eyes and under the brow for an open look, and  lightly on the bottom lip’s center for added pout. Only have a moment to get luminous? Get dewy freshness mixing tinted moisturizer with a dot of highlighter and apply it in circular motions as you would with normal moisturizer. Don’t overdo it, though—you could wind up looking less glowing and more glittery. Try Benefit’s Highbeam.

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4Bold Lipstick

A bold lip color need not be synonymous with a bright red pucker. In fact, if you frequently wear scarlet hues, a bold lip for you could be nude. If you’re a natural girl, transition gradually to a brighter color using a tinted pomegranate balm or sheer red gloss; if you’re particularly daring, try a matte version. Going outside of your comfort zone can boost your self-confidence—especially when you realize how fantastic you look!

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5Liquid or Gel Liner

“Cat-eye” gives your peepers a precise and modern look. Place your elbow on the table to steady your arm. Rest the palm of whatever hand is holding the liner to the bottom part of your face and, with the opposite hand, pull the skin taut on the eye you’re applying makeup to. Draw a simple line from the inner corner halfway, then finish from the outside going inward. To complete the wing, make a small, upward “U” at the outer corner of your eyelid and fill in. For gel, use a thin brush to apply.

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6Concealer Brush

The best way to apply your concelear is with a brush. This offers  blendable coverage that is applied in a precise manner. Always keep your brushes clean and store them in a dry place to ensure that they won’t clog your pores with bacteria. A great option is Sonia Kashuk’s Brush Couture 5-Piece Set.

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7Eyebrow Filler

Brown pencils often look too hard unless done perfectly, precisely and lightly. A more forgiving alternative is a powder filler. Take an angled brush and, using a matte shadow or brow powder one shade lighter than your natural hair, sweep it in short, light motions in the brow area. Using too much can make you look theatrical. An excellent, long-lasting product for this purpose is Clinique’s Brow Shaper.

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8Perfume Roller

Many fragrance producers make a smaller version of their scents. In addition to being conveniently purse-sized to fit any situation, rollers are perfect for a girl who changes her style on a regular basis. It’s the best way to try a scent repeatedly before buying the larger (more expensive) bottle. For summer, try a freshly romantic scent like Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf—it comes in multiple mediums as well as sizes.

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There are fakes that coordinate with any occasion: Whether you want to wear them every day (use individual, lightly-curled lashes with a coat of mascara) or put some fabulous feathered flair on your lids for a special occasion. MAC’s fake lashes are great quality for reusing, but if you’re looking for something wild as a one-time thing, opt for an inexpensive brand. But invest in a high-quality lash glue: They’re more reliable, last longer and are less likely to irritate your peepers. Try Duo.

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