While mainstream beauty lines have ignored women with dark skin for decades, many black women have sadly had to adapt and come up with their own makeup hacks to ensure their routine and products work for them and their skin. Although this shouldn’t be the case and change is finally beginning to happen, here are some incredible beauty hacks for black women to try in their makeup routine.

Always Apply and Buy in Natural Light
When it comes to selecting or applying your foundation, always ensure you are in good natural lighting to get the best match. As darker skin tones can appear darker in certain lights, you must have bright lighting to get an accurate match. A top tip for when you’re visiting a makeup counter, apply the product to your hand and then step outside to see how it looks in actual daylight.

Customize Your Foundation
For many women, including women with darker skin tones, getting a perfect match from your foundation can be extremely difficult. It’s often best to mix certain tints and shades together until you feel you have one that blends and matches your skin.

Achieve A Warm, Healthy Glow
For a healthy glow, apply a warm, caramel toned foundation or contour product to the center of your face and softly blend it out using a large, fluffy brush. This will brighten your face and provide a warm, healthy glow.

Embrace Orange Makeup Products
Orange is the perfect color for complimenting darker skin tones. Say hello to orange lipstick, orange blushers, and orange eyeshadows. Experiment with the color and embrace it. It looks incredible on your skin and helps to cancel out any purple tones.