There’s nothing spookier than an epic Halloween costume missing a fabulous set of fake eyelashes…okay, maybe that’s a little melodramatic. But isn’t that what Halloween is all about? Plus, a sick set of falsies are a valuable asset in slaying the competition at this year’s costume contest.

From more sneakily subtle boosts to your natural lash, to flamboyantly feathered, glittered and bedazzled, these favorite lash lines are sure to give you an entrancing lashes that’ll earn you top honors (and keep the free liquor flowing your way).

If you’re new to falsies, look for ones with a thin, string attachment. This is more flexible and will make for an easier application. When removing them from the packaging, use your finger tips to press down on the lashes and slide them gently forward and off the plastic they’re attached to.

Before adding glue, check to see if they are the correct size for your eye shape. Gently plop them onto your lash line. If they extend past your eyelid, use a pair of nail scissors and trim from the outer end of the lashes. Avoid trimming the inner side, as this portion tends to taper to blend with your natural lash.

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Once you have it sized, prep your eyes by curling your lashes. Then draw a thin line along your lash line using black liner. This will help to create a seamless finish once your lashes are applied. Next, apply a coat of lash primer, like London Butter Fit Lash Primer. You can also apply a light coat of mascara before applying your lashes, but totally optional.

Add a medium-sized drop of glue to the middle of the lash strip, spreading it evenly across the band using the tip of the glue container. Allow 15-30 seconds for the glue to become tacky before applying. Use a pair of tweezers and set them as closely to your lash line as possible. Adjust them, starting from the inner corner and working your way out. Top with a few coats of your favorite mascara. (Our tutorial on Applying Fake Eyelashes Like a Pro will give you a more complete guide to applying your falsies!) And viola! You’re ready to flaunt your flirty girl falsies.

Below, you’ll find our favorite fake eyelashes that are sure to give you that coveted gorgeous, lush-lash look.

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1The Natural Lash

Courtesy of Kiss

These wispy lashes softly blend with your natural ones for a lighter, more delicate appearance. And don’t worry—as whimsical as you’ll look with this set, you’ll definitely still leave the boys weak in the knees.

Looks So Natural Lash Double Pack by KISS – Graceful, $6

2The Subtly Dazzling Lash

Courtesy of Ardell

Add a bit of bling to your blink with these lashes speckled with rhinestones. They’ll highlight your eyes, letting you stand out like the gem you are!

Ardell Shimmer Lashes, $3.50 

3The Dramatic Lash

Courtesy of Shu Uemura

These intense, volumizing lashes are inspired by your favorite red carpet celebs, giving your eyes an Oscar-worthy stare. A little stage frightened? Trim the length in half to give your outer lash an intense edge.

Shu Uemura false eyelashes luxe black, $23

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4The Baby Doll Lash

Courtesy of KissUSA

These may bear a spooky resemblance to the multitude of lashes on those creepy antique dolls in horror flicks, but these feather soft lashes are nothing to fear! Made from 100 percent Remy hair, they blend naturally with your real lashes while sending them to terrifyingly fabulous heights!

V luxe Lashes from i.ENVY by KISS – Fancy, $6

5The Individual-Eyezed Lash

Courtesy of Mac

The varying effect of these customizable lashes is haunting. Blending perfectly with your natural lashes, by adding a few clusters, no one ever will guess what’s lurking on your lash line. Or for a more shocking effect, use the whole row for a more suspenseful gaze (Are they real? Are they fake? Your little secret is safe with us)!

44 Lash by Mac, $17

6The Seductress Lash

Courtesy of HudaBeauty

Leave people mesmerized with these death-defying lashes. You’ll be sending dangerous glances across the bar all night long. But even though they’ll give you a natural-born killer look, they’re completely cruelty-free.

Huda Beauty Scarlett #8, $22

7The Eye Catcher Lash

Courtesy of Urban Decay

It’s never a crime to steal center stage, especially when your lashes look this murderously magical. With just a touch of glitter dangerously teasing the edges of these daring lashes, your eyes will definitely make the line up for best dressed!

Urban Decay Perversion False Lashes – Glitter Dip, $15

8The Showstopper Lash

Courtesy of Make Up For Ever

If you’re looking to bat a set of crazy eyes, the Artistic Eyelashes line from Make Up For Ever is quite the eccentric bunch. This sizzling set of electric blue lashes should come with a warning label: These may drive those around you mad with their shocking appeal.

Make Up For Ever Artistic False Lashes – 199, $16

9The Wild Eyes Lash

Courtesy of Yandy

Unleash your wild side with these edgy lashes. With soft, long black feathers treacherously reaching eerily from the outer portion, you’ll be sure to bury anyone competing to be the starring act this Halloween.

Yandy Black Feather False Eyelashes, $7

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