Anytime Beyoncé changes her hairstyle, her Instagram likes go off the charts—usually to the tune of around 600k, to put an approximate number on it. Her latest fringe choice, known as “micro bangs,” have also been criticized by many. But today, Lady Gaga was seen sporting the same super-short bangs herself. Which makes us wonder: Is this going to be the new normal?This isn’t the first time stars rocked teeny tiny bangs. Pinup star Bettie Page rocked some closely cropped ones, and Rooney Mara‘s one of the best examples of doing short bangs right, just to name a few. But as with all hairstyles, you have to consider your face shape and hair type before taking the plunge.”The ‘micro bang’ is a bold statement cut and the right amount of texture is key to pull them off,” explains George Gonzalez, owner of George the Salon Chicago. “If your hairline is dense, a bang like this can look fantastic,” Gonzalez says. “With a choppy, short fringe, you also can’t ignore natural cowlicks,” he adds. If you have a ton right at your hairline where your bangs would start, you’ll probably have a lot of styling work ahead of you every day to smooth them out and ensure your fringe lays flat.And the biggest thing you need to think about: “Do you feel comfortable accentuating features like your forehead and eyebrows?” questions Gonzalez. If the answer is no, then maybe chopping it all off isn’t the right move for you.If you’re considering following in Queen Bey or Mother Monster’s footsteps (hair does grow back eventually, after all), bring a photo in to your hairdresser to help visualize exactly what you want. And remember to start out small—you can always hack off more if it needs it, but you can’t take back a snip after it’s done.(Think a different bangs style could be better for you? Check out our guide on bangs for your face shape to help you find the perfect fringe.)