Beyoncé sure knows how to captivate an audience, whether at the Super Bowl, the White House or in concert venues around the world. So it’s no surprise that Queen Bey’s new hairstyle—a short pixie cut and blonde color—has everyone talking.Ever since her Destiny’s Child days, the singer always sported long, voluminous hair. She’s spent her fair share of time as a blonde (and she actually had short blonde hair for her role as Etta James in 2008’s “Cadillac Records,” but it was just a wig), but this new short look is quite drastic.MORE: Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

Beyonce with short hair

So naturally we’re wondering: Why did she do it? Unfortunately it’s a little difficult to get penciled into Ms. Carter’s schedule, so we can’t ask her ourselves. But we did get some insight into how a drastic haircut could give you a little extra confidence and make you feel, well, pretty darn Sasha Fierce.YouBeauty Psychology Advisor Art Markman, Ph.D., says making a big change like Beyoncé’s can help you better understand your influence on others and give you a stronger sense of self.

Beyonce short hair

“When you make a big change in your appearance (hairstyle or color, new glasses, new fashion look), you become more aware of the impression you make on other people for a while. You are a bit self-conscious about the change,” he adds, “and so you spend more time paying attention to how you influence other people. That can be refreshing, because it helps you to see the positive ways that you affect the people around you,” Markman says.MORE: The Psychology of HairOf course, someone like Beyoncé already knows her influence on her fans, he notes, “so her radical fashion changes are generally a way to provoke others into writing about her and getting her back in the public eye.” But hey, we won’t begrudge anyone (even a celebrity) a little extra confidence boost.Rita Hazan, the hairstylist who gave Beyonce her beautiful golden color, adds that a bold beauty change can be very empowering. “I love a dramatic change. It shows that a woman is fearless and confident—it’s a very strong statement,” she says. “A big change changes a person completely—they have to change the way they dress and makeup. It’s a full package.”For some more short hair inspiration, check out some other celebrities whose bold cuts have really made an impression.