When it comes to beauty hacks, there’s no shortage of bizarre methods people will stand by. In the world of hair growth, it’s no different. You won’t believe the bizarre hair growth methods that are out there that people swear by. From Vick Vapor rub to cayenne pepper wash, take a look at these out of the box hair growth secrets people swear by.

#1 – The Inverted Method – Some people believe that if you hang your head upside down for a few minutes throughout the day, the blood will circulate upwards. Thus, stimulating hair growth.

#2 – Vicks Vapor Rub – We know Vicks is used to help with congestion, but apparently people also use to stimulate growth around the edges of the head.

#3 – Placenta – Use the placenta (the thing that connects the baby to the mommy when inside the womb) in your hair for longer hair. Don’t have placenta handy? Many brands are now using it in their products as a special ingredient.

#4 – Sleeping with a shower cap – Just like the deep conditioning treatment you’d get at a hair salon, sleeping with a shower cap is suppose to give the same sort of effect. Many say that if you trap the heat, your strands will remain strong and hair will lengthen more quickly .

It seems this antifungal cream is good for more than just stopping an itch. Many women attribute the active ingredient, Miconazole nitrate to scalp stimulation which in turn makes hair grow faster than usual. They simply mix it with an oil and keep it in over night.

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