It’s official: Blake Lively’s “naturally” golden hair is not so natural after all … it’s actually quite dark! Known for her gleaming gold tresses (and for basically having the best head of hair in Hollywood), we were shocked when Blake Lively stepped out on the red carpet with super dark roots.

The “Gossip Girl” star is pregnant with her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds, and like many an expectant mother, she decided not to color her normally sun-streaked strands. Not surprisingly, Lively still looked completely gorgeous. Her new natural ombre, with dark roots being lighter towards the ends, looked really good: there’s no harsh line circling her head telling the world she’s due for a salon visit, no fried ends, and no brassy color. Her highlights have grown out into a soft ombre, looking absolutely stunning and making us all re-think our next dye-job.

It’s obvious that Blake is fully embracing her pregnancy, stepping out in the spotlight with pride showing off her baby bump and grown out roots. This attention-grabbing actress and Preserve founder has set a trend for pregnant women everywhere … and we approve!

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