Braid bars, blow dry bars and extension bars beware: we have a new in-and-out hairstyling quick stop about to pop up. With bobs being crazy-hot among celebs this past year, it was only a matter of time before the trend took the streets by storm. And by streets, I mean chic London salons.

“It” girl Alexa Chung is known for her tousled bob and killer eyeliner, so it only makes sense that her hairstylist would want to bring her chic look to the rest of us. Teen Vogue reports that in an attempt to bring his expertise to the public, George Northwood has partnered with Redken UK and is launching a bob bar in his London salon.

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The process is simple: make an appointment at the bob bar, choose a look, and snip, snip! The stylist creates an individualized bob for the most flattering look for your facial shape. At this new hot-spot, clients can come in and choose from a menu of easy-to-maintain bob inspirations. The options vary from the most popular Alexa Chung look, a shorter style inspired by Jennifer Lawrence, a super straight bob, or a longer, textured chop.

Nervous to take the plunge into bob-dom? Northwood can quickly ease your worries. The salon supplies wigs of each style so you can try it out before you fully commit. Smart!

Although the bob bar is only currently available in the U.K., it’s only a matter of time before one pops up at your favorite trendy salon stateside … so keep a look out! Check out George Northwood’s website for updates on the bob bar and his latest hair ventures.

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