The Hottest Hue for Your Eye Color This Fall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what eye makeup is hot this fall? Choosing the “it” color depends on your eyes. Find which brown hue will give your eye color the sparkle it deserves this season, into winter!

Green Eyes:

Framing a photo gives it stop-and-stare impact. Tracing an inky espresso liquid liner around eyes after applying shadow does the same for light irises, says Ashunta Sheriff, a makeup artist in New York City.

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Brown Eyes:

A shimmery chocolate- brown shadow is the makeup equivalent of a chandelier for your lids. Light them up! Pat a heavy line of color near your lashes, then blend until smoky, Sheriff recommends.

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3Hazel Eyes: Topshop Crayon in Ramble, $15

A little color-theory refresher: Orange-red and green are complementary, so copper- flecked brown brings out green tones in hazel eyes, making them shine. Evenly layer a wash from lash line to crease, Sheriff says.

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Blue Eyes:
Dust an almond shadow over lids with a fluffy brush and your baby blues will look Amanda Seyfried mesmerizing, Sheriff says. How the magic happens: The hue is close to yellow, blue’s color wheel opposite.