Great news for all those caffeine addicts out there: the drug you need to push through the workday does just as many great things for your skin and hair as it does inside the body.

You know how cleaning coffee grounds out of your Mr. Coffee makes your hands extra soft? Beauty geniuses have bottled that feeling into some of our favorite scrubs and exfoliators.

Amadine Isnard, Head of Product Development for Eve Lom, notes caffeine is helpful as a “versatile and powerful anti-oxidant in skincare formulations because it can help reduce redness by stimulating microcirculation.” Coffee also reduces swelling and eases constricted blood vessels, making it a great active ingredient to hunt for in under-eye creams.

Here are seven of our favorite caffeine-infused beauty products right now:

1Exfoliating Coffee Scrub

caffeine body scrub
frank body

If you can’t decide where to start with frank body’s caffeine-based skincare line, they recommend getting dirty with their bestselling original coffee scrub, made with roasted and ground robusta coffee beans and infused with free radical-fighting Vitamin E. // frank body, 14.95

2Caffeine Brightening Corrector

peter thomas roth
Peter Thomas Roth

Whether you’re worried about hyperpigmentation and age spots or just looking for a little extra boost, caffeine does for your skin pretty much what it does for your brain on Mondays. Peter Thomas Roth’s proprietary skincare complex will get you glowing in no time. // Peter Thomas Roth, $75 

3Soy Protein + Caffiene Volumizer


A few spritzes of this caffeinated volumizer added to your finished hairstyle will pump up your look. More of a three-cups-of-coffee-before-noon girl? Apply to wet hair and flip over to blowdry.  // Proganix, $11.99

4Light Illusion Concealer

eve lom
Eve Lom

Prefer to start your mornings with tea? Eve Lom’s caffeinated concealer uses the alkaloids in white tea extract, plus vitamin C and essential oils, to restore brightness and clarity to tired skin. // Space NK, $40

5Sculpting Gel


Until the fateful day when we can massage our way to perfect abs, we’ll have to rely on bliss’ fit girl slim line, plus diet and exercise, to help break up cellulite. With caffeine, plus menthol and essential oils, this gel smells as good as your abs are about to look. // bliss, $38

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6Toning & Firming Cream

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
Sol de Janeiro

How exactly do Brazilians look so good all the time? Maybe it’s this firming cream, which uses caffeine and local guaraná to tighten those hard-to-tone glutes. If Gisele uses it, that’s enough for me.  // Sol de Janerio, $50

7Beauty Food

dark chocolate

Raw cacao is packed with antioxidants, and Antidote chocolate reminds us to indulge with their mantra: “Health through pleasure.” The company sources all their coffee and cacao directly from Ecuador, which means this 73% dark chocolate cardamom + cacao bar is good for you, body and soul. Yes, that’s permission to eat as much as you want. // Antidote, 6.95

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