Feeling at odds with what you see in the mirror can make it a bit challenging to step out the front door, confident about the day ahead. Of course, confidence is built from many different factors, but utilizing an invaluable tool like skincare or makeup can help give you the extra boost of confidence you need to truly feel your best.Why Makeup MattersPutting on cosmetics has been shown to boost self-esteem—and according to science, women simply feel prettier when they’ve got it on: One study of American college students found that women had higher opinions of their appearance after getting all done up. An amazing example of makeup’s power is Dermablend’s Camo Confessions campaign. The series of videos features women with problem skin (think vitiligo and cystic acne) explaining how Dermablend Professional makeup allowed them to reveal their true selves that had been hidden behind problem skin. For many women, makeup is an easy (and fun) way to express themselves and put their best face forward.

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Aside from making you feel more confident, makeup can actually make you appear more likeable. A study from Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital and P&G found that the more makeup women were wearing, the more likeable, attractive and competent others perceived them. So that extra boost of confidence you get from being made up isn’t just a placebo; everyone else also sees you in a more positive light. Which makes us wonder, is it really just the makeup changing how others perceive you, or could it be the confidence you radiate while wearing it that’s convincing them how capable and awesome you are? Or perhaps, the two together create a confidence force to be reckoned with.


Finding Confidence in Your ComplexionTo help develop a product that would further boost women’s confidence, skincare brand Philosophy conducted a focus group to find out exactly how skin imperfections affect self-image. They asked: “How do skin imperfections make you feel when you look in the mirror?”

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The responses were disheartening, but not really that surprising to anyone who’s ever felt self-conscious about her skin. “I worry that it looks like there is something wrong with me,” one woman said. Other responses included, “Sometimes I don’t want to leave the house like that,” and “I feel it makes me look like I don’t take care of myself.” Women shouldn’t be feeling this way. They should be able to look in the mirror and see their beauty, not a condition that makes them feel their true self is being masked and stifled.To remedy this, Philosophy developed two new products, No Reason to Hide serum and moisturizer, which target a slew of skin imperfections from dark spots and acne marks to large pores and blotchiness. Their goal is to give women the tools they need to feel confident and like they have “no reason to hide.”

Hair is one thing that’s super easy to control—no going under the knife, and it always grows back—so styling it gives you a certain sense of control over your body you might not feel otherwise.

The Power of a Good Hair DayOur connection to our hair is so strong, that a bad hair day can seriously bring you down. It makes sense: Hair frames your face and is one of the first things people see when meeting you for the first time. Indulging in a blowout or a fresh new cut or color touchup will make you have an awesome hair day, which will carry over into everything else you do. Plus, your hair is one thing that’s super easy to control—no going under the knife, and it always grows back (eventually)—so styling it gives you a certain sense of control over your body you might not feel otherwise. And that’s powerful.Bottom line: Whether or not you feel completely confident bare-faced, or you feel your best with some bronzer and mascara, you should never be ashamed about doing what’s best for you. An effective skincare regimen, makeup or even a quick shampoo and blow dry can be powerful tools to restore your confidence. And confidence is attractive, no matter how you get it—so go out there and own it.