The Most Famous Short Hairstyles

1Mia Farrow

These celebrity crops elevated careers, set wide-reaching trends, or even defined an era.

Celebrities who trade long locks for short hairstyles instantly create a stir, but the original haircut heard ‘round the world was when “Rosemary’s Baby” star Mia Farrow made the daring decision to chop off her long blond locks. The dramatically shorter style, which was lopped off by Vidal Sasson in 1968, shocked many of the actress’s fans who were used to seeing her flowing tresses on the popular TV series, Peyton Place. Farrow’s iconic haircut paved the way for many stars (and non-celebs) to take the short cut.

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2Audrey Hepburn

The “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Roman Holiday” star topped her petite frame with a cropped cut that flattered her elfin features. She even managed to make mid-forehead length bangs look good. Hepburn exuded style and class in everything she wore and balanced it all with an elegant, yet simple, short hairstyle.

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3Agyness Deyn

In 2007 the world was introduced to Deyn and her daring crop. The platinum blonde fashion model is a virtual chameleon, creating several fresh looks out of her boyish haircuts—from smooth and polished to spikey and messy. It’s no wonder that Vogue’s Anna Wintour once described Deyn’s hairstyle as “uncompromising.”

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4Gwyneth Paltrow

In the 1998 film “Sliding Doors,” a romantic-comedy about how your life can completely change just by whether or not you catch a subway train, Paltrow played the lead character in two parallel lives. Naturally, she sported two vastly different hairstyles to reflect the choices she’d made in each life: a mousy brown shoulder-length cut and an inverted bob that exposed her swan-like neck and stole the show.

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5Linda Evangelista

In her heyday, the supermodel rocked a short and sexy ‘do on the runway and in George Michael’s video for “Freedom ’90,” setting her apart from other supermodels like Cindy Crawford who sported the high volume hair that was popular in the 90s. But the dramatic cut didn’t come without an initial price—after getting the boyish short hairstyle in 1988, which wasn’t popular in those days, Evangelista was dropped from the big runway shows. But within a few months, the fashion world (and women everywhere) embraced her new look and her bookings picked up again.

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6Jean Seberg

The actress literally left some breathless with her closely cropped gamine cut in the 1960 film, “Breathless” (the film was remade in 1983 starring Richard Gere), which was a precursor to the iconic short cut Mia Farrow would get years later.

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Although today she’s better known as a guest judge on America’s Next Top Model, Twiggy was dubbed the world’s first supermodel in the 60s. She helped set the trend of waif-like and slightly androgynous models with her side-swept boyish haircut and exaggerated eye makeup.

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8Louise Brooks

Brooks starred in several silent films in the late 1920s, but her haircut spoke volumes. Her famous jet black flapper bob became so famous that women could ask for it by name (“the Louise Brooks bob”). The smooth and sleek hairstyle is timeless—both Christina Ricci and Selma Blair have requested similar cuts.

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9Josephine Baker

The singer, dancer and actress not only broke ground by being the first African-American woman to star in a major motion picture, but she also took the short, sleek hairstyle and made it her own by sculpting the ends into flirtatious swirls with pomade.

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10Emma Watson

In 2010 the “Harry Potter” star traded in her wavy auburn tresses, which she couldn’t touch for a decade, for a pixie cut after the long-running movie series wrapped, saying, “It was the most liberating thing!” Watson’s cut is clearly inspired by Mia Farrow’s and Twiggy’s famously cropped styles. Getting a haircut that defies convention? Hermione would be proud.

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11Victoria Beckham

The former Spice Girl-cum-fashion-designer breathed new life into the popular bob haircut when she revealed her modern and edgy angled bob in 2007. Her signature cut spawned several celebrity copycats including Jenny McCarthy, Rihanna and Katie Holmes. How Posh.

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12Halle Berry

Few celebrities can make short hair—namely, her pixie cuts—look as sexy as Halle Berry does. The Oscar winning actress makes her closely cropped cuts work for her, whether she wants her hair to appear smooth, sleek and sophisticated or tousled, spikey and edgy.

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