Facial Symmetry of Celebrities: Holiday 2013 Movie Edition

Though tons of factors are at play when we perceive someone as attractive or not, facial symmetry has always been touted as one of the most important. However, most people can attest to the fact that perfect symmetry isn’t the be-all end-all. Having some natural asymmetry is actually what makes our beauty unique.

And as you can see in this gallery, even the most gorgeous stars are not perfect, which is exactly what makes them beautiful. In fact, perfect symmetry makes some of these beauties look just plain freaky—and that should serve as a strong reminder that imperfection is what makes ALL of us attractive.

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2Cobie Smulders

“Delivery Man”

4Kristen Bell


6Elizabeth Olsen


8Emma Thompson

“Saving Mr Banks”

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9Kristen Wiig

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”

10Margot Robbie

“The Wolf of Wall Street”

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