Celebrity Forehead Proportions

1Angelina Jolie

Artists have been obsessing over faces for millennia. From the Ancient Greeks to Leonardo Da Vinci, they studied human facial proportions to create a standard for sculptors and painters to follow. The called this standard of beauty the “artistic ideal.” We compared some top celebrities’ foreheads to the ideal proportions in this gallery (How do we measure this? If their hairline falls above, on, or below the upper line on the grid.)

You’ll be interested—and slightly comforted—to know that many of today’s most beautiful (and famous) faces fall outside of the artistic ideal.

Celebrity: Angelina Jolie
Chin and Jaw Proportions: Jolie has a high forehead. Her forehead is longer than the length of her nose.

2Emma Watson

Celebrity: Emma Watson
Forehead Proportions: Watson has a high forehead. Her forehead is longer than the length of her nose.

3Halle Berry

Celebrity: Halle Berry
Forehead Proportions: Berry has a high forehead. That means it’s longer then the length of her nose.

4Nicole Kidman

Celebrity: Nicole Kidman
Forehead Proportions: Kidman has a high forehead. It’s longer than the length of her nose.

5Jennifer Love Hewitt

Celebrity: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Forehead Proportions: Hewitt has a high forehead that’s longer than the artistic ideal. That means it’s longer than the length of her nose.

6Debra Messing

Celebrity: Debra Messing
Forehead Proportions: Messing’s forehead falls into the ideal proportions, as you can see by the lines. It’s the same length as her nose.

7Audrey Tautou

Celebrity: Audrey Tautou
Forehead Proportions: Tautou has a small forehead, that is shorter than the artistic ideal line. That means her forehead is shorter than the length of her nose.