Nail art can be intimidating. One moment you’re browsing through beautiful creations on Pinterest, and the next you’re staring down at the sticky mess you’ve just created on your own nails and wondering how anyone manages to get this stuff right. Luckily for us, there are pros and products to help, which is why we spoke to celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards about how to dip your pinky toe into the world of nail masterpieces! Edwards has worked with stars like Nicole Kidman, Taylor Swift, and Michelle Williams, and can regularly be found backstage at Fashion Week putting the finishing touches on models’ runway-ready nail looks. Check out our Q&A with Gina followed by tutorials that utilize some trusty products to make manicures a piece of cake — Kiss nail art tools and imPRESS press-on nails!

YouBeauty: Do you have any advice for beginners who are intimidated by nail art?

Gina Edwards: Start small with striping tape. You can apply vertically down the center of the nail or horizontal (as seen at Erin Fetherston Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 using the Kiss Rococo Veil Kit). Another option is to add a small pearl or stone by the base or the tip of the nail.  

You’re a pro at applying beautiful manicures under pressure and in fast-paced environments. Do you have any advice for busy women who have just a few minutes a day to devote to their nails but want them to look as put-together as possible?

If you can’t polish like a “pro” and are always on-the-go with no time to spare for a manicure, the perfect solution to achieve a perfect manicure in a hurry is with the imPRESS Manicure. All you do is peel off the tab and press on with no dry time and no mess. Nails are on in 5 minutes and have a gel-like shine that will not chip and last for up to 7 days! 

Any suggestions for nail-biters?

Don’t bite your nails. Honestly, it’s a difficult habit to break but I assure you if you start getting natural manicures or enhancements on a weekly basis this might help. There are products on the market that help but I haven’t heard about permanent results.

Do you see any nail trends popping up for this fall?

Linear nails and negative spaces are still on fire! (These trends can be achieved easily with Kiss Design Perfection). These act as a guide so you can paint a shade, allow to dry then peel off the stickers for an easy negative space manicure. 

Do you have a favorite nail product?

I have many but when I’m working with nail art and need HD glitter my go to product is the Kiss Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit. They’re the best glitters on the market by far!

Is there such a thing as too much glitter or sparkle when it comes to nail art or can we go all-out?

You can have a moment of glitter overload, but the key is application. Kiss Salon Secrets Nail Starter Kit includes 6 HD glitters along with artist brush to help you strategically apply the glitter to your nails. The perfect glitter design is the one taught at the event with a geometric shape filled in. See Look Three below for the perfect glitter design!

Gina Edwards Nail Art

Look One:  Linear Lines and Negative Space

Step 1: Select your base imPRESS Manicure shade.

Step 2: Using Kiss Design Perfection, peel off the chevron shape sticker and place on the top right corner of the imPRESS and another sticker along the top/cuticle of the nail.

Step 3: Using Kiss Design Perfection as your guide, paint between the guides with Kiss Nail Artist Paint in White (or any color of your choice).

Let nails dry!

Step 4: After paint is FULLY dry, peel back Kiss Design Perfection.

Nail Art Additions:

Gina Edwards Nail Art

Look Two: Color Blocking

Step 1: Select your base imPRESS Manicure shade.

Step 2: Use Kiss Design Perfection in the arch shape and place on the side of your nail – if you prefer you can do this on the tip for a French or at the cuticle.

Step 3: Paint half white and half black.


Step 4: After paint is fully dry, peel back the Kiss Design Perfection.

Nail Art Additions:

  • Apply Kiss Design Perfection on the opposite side of the color block pattern and recreate the same design in reverse colors
  • Create a vertical line of pearls through the center of the nail by squeezing a dot of glue. Then, use tweezers to place a pearl from the Kiss Salon Secrets Luxe Accents Kit onto the nail.  Continue to create the line of pearls using the same technique.

Gina Edwards Nail Art

Look Three: Geometric Shapes & Textures

Step 1: Use the Kiss striping tape (this is a nail art staple!) from the Kiss Salon Secrets Starter Kit to create a triangular shape, wide at the bottom, closed at the top near the cuticle.

Step 2: Paint inside the triangular shape with Kiss Nail Artist Paint in blue (or any other color you prefer).

  • Using the HD glitter from the Kiss Salon Secrets Starter Kit, mix together the blue and green glitter then sprinkle over the nail (or use a brush to apply).
  • Clean up the edges with the flat brush included in the kit.
  • Seal with a top coat.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.