Celebrity Smiles: Guess Who?

How—and how often—we smile is a big part of who we are to others. To prove how important these celebrities’ kissers are to how we perceive them, we’ve put together a guessing game. We show you a smile and let you puzzle out which pout belongs to which persona.

After a nasty public split, this glowing actress said “There is always going to be the tough and the nasty. You just tune out to that.” This beam shows her putting her money where her mouth is.  Who is she?

ANSWER: Jennifer Aniston.

In recovering from setbacks, Aniston’s MO is to flash her pearly whites until she’s back on top.

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America’s Favorite Movie Star for the second year running according to Harris Polls, this star may not smile as often as Aniston in photos, but evidently still wins people over.  Who is it?

Answer: Johnny Depp.

Smiling or not, Depp is every bit as expressive with his mouth as we would expect from one of America’s favorite actors.

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This child actress turned fashionista has been in the spotlight since she was nine months old.  That’s a lot of years to perfect her pout for the paparazzi and press.  Can you identify her?

Answer: Ashley Olsen

Olsen’s last acting project was in “New York Minute” in 2004, and her intent pecker shows people she’s up to tackling more mature and businesslike concerns.

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Calm and assured, this starlet’s smile communicates a beauty self-confidence that belies the name of the ABC show she starred in from 2006-2010.  We betty..er bet you can’t name her.

Answer: America Ferrera

Yep, you got it.  (The show, in case our hint wasn’t strong enough, was Ugly Betty.)

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Her middle name is Giselle.  She smiles graciously, communicating gratitude.  Gratitude promotes goodwill.  And goodwill is often repaid with goodwill.  Whose is this mouth that makes us want to sing kumbayas and hug babies?

Answer: Beyonce

And yes, if you guessed right you are also beyond savvy.

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This sparkling actress and model knows who she is and what she likes: she has reported that she is her own stylist.  Her surname is a synonym for dynamic and vibrant, and her smile certainly reflects this.  Can you guess?

Answer: Blake Lively

Bouyant, high-spirited… the things her name means are some of the same things that your smile can say about you!  Use it.

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This charming mug comes from a man who once challenged Bill O’Reilly to “put [his] considerable money where [his] considerable mouth is.”  That kind of sense of humor is part of what his boyish smile says, helping hold him at the top of world’s sexiest man lists the nation over.  Who is he?

Answer: George Clooney

We also like that he uses his charm to fight battles for human rights.  What can you do with your smile?

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This well-loved actress and producer has (finally) the backing of an Academy Award to prove it’s not just us who like her smile.  Can you guess who?

Answer: Sandra Bullock

And she has donated $1 million to the American Red Cross not one.. not two.. but four times. We approve!

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This surly trap sends a message.  We’ll keep our guess about the message to ourselves, and let you guess who the mouth belongs to.

Answer: Kanye West

West may not be grinning, but he loves what he does.  He said that “..my music isn’t just music- its medicine.”

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You may not recognize this one as easily… since it’s usually disguised by some serious fashion or artistic statement.  But can you figure out whose musical mouth this is?

Answer: Lady Gaga

For someone whose public persona is as carefully constructed as Gaga’s, a smile is rarely just a smile. And lipstick is rarely just lipstick.

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In a careless choice of words (one which she gracefully apologized for) to Elle magazine explaining how photographs make her feel violated, this young actress stated something that we think she didn’t need to say out loud.  Her mouth says it all!

Answer: Kristen Stewart

Of all the subtle messages our body language sends, facial expression is often the easiest to read.  Stewart’s mouth is saying “I don’t like this very much” and people are hearing it. But don’t take it personally.

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When you first meet someone, a smile can say a lot. Does this actor, producer, singer’s smile say magician also?  Because he is one.  Can you tell who it is?

Answer: Neil Patrick Harris

Harris separates his characters from himself with a genuine grin.  How do you let your friends know they’re your friends?

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There are no diamonds in this talented fashion designer’s half-smile, but she gets by with a little help from her celebrity friends. Whose smirk do you see?

Answer: Stella McCartney

Her expression shows healthy openness to new people and ideas, but that she has confidence in her MO. Just what we’d expect from someone in the fashion world!  And her chin may have helped you guess a little.

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Our brains have specific areas that are associated with face recognition.  We don’t even have to think about it.  How fast did you recognize this well-know actor by just his signature smile?

Answer: Tom Cruise

His mission seems to be keeping fans happy, and he’s chosen to accept it with a cheerful smile.

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Chicken or the egg? Does this star stay pouty because she’s known for it or is she known for it because she does it?  All we know is it works for her, maybe science will soon explain why.  Who is she?

Answer: Victoria Beckham

Whether she became Posh spice for her personality or built her persona around her name, Beckham can really pose for a pic!

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