Chrissy Teigen made a huge hair change! Gone are her caramelized blonde locks, as she’s known rocking a dark chocolate brown. The Sports Illustrated model normally wears her hair in a warm ombré … but not anymore. She surprised her Instagram followers with a mid-transformation picture a salon selfie, hair drenched in dye. She enthusiastically captioned it “LOOK WHAT IS HAPPENING,” so naturally this excitement is EXACTLY WHAT I’M FEELING TOO.


Image courtesy of instagram @chrissyteigen
chrissy teigen dye job

In another Instagram pic, Chrissy debuted her fully-colored hair, captioned “Hola from set!” (An inside peak at her newest photoshoot perhaps?)

Image courtesy of instagram @chrissyteigen
chrissy teigen dark hair


After much social media stalking, here are a few more pictures of Chrissy’s new hair on set of her latest shoot for you to enjoy. Her ombré is still freakin’ hot, but this new dark hue has a definite bombshell look:

Image courtesy of instagram @sjblife
chrissy teigen dyed hair


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