Chrissy Teigen’s Top 8 Makeup Looks

Cool-girl Chrissy Teigen is not only an ultra glam supermodel — she’s a killer chef, soon-to-be author and wife to Oscar/Grammy winner, John Legend. In other words, we basically want her life. Chrissy’s Instagram is full of behind-the-scenes photo shoot snaps and pictures of yummy dinners she makes at home. But it’s her gorgeous red carpet makeup that we’re here to drool over. Here are Chrissy’s eight prettiest makeup looks:

1Shimmery Lips

At the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, Chrissy Teigen wore pared-down nightime makeup that was still glam enough for the red carpet. Chrissy’s shimmery lip gloss completed her sophisticated smokey eye/touseled hair look while also giving us a flashback to the ‘90s.

2Bold Brows

Someone got stopped by the shopgirl at the beauty counter hawking the latest brow pencil, huh?  Dark, bold brows framed Chrissy’s face, creating a Cara Delevingne-esque look for the red carpet. She went easy on the eye makeup (although we do detect some fluttery false lashes) as not to draw attention from her matte, wine-colored lips.

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3Smokey Eye

Chrissy was full of smiles and a sunny personality at a recent event in New York City. A pulled-back pony and a pinky-coral lip kept the attention on her stunning smokey eye. 

4Neutral Makeup

Showing off her natural beauty, Chrissy Teigen showed off her glowing skin and neutral lipstick and eye makeup for a understated beauty look.

5Red Lip

Classic yet trendy, Chrissy’s wine red lip was one of our favorites! The dark lip added a touch of seduction that wasn’t over the top. She didn’t overdo it on her eye makeup either (always a danger zone when you’re wearing heavy lipstick!) but instead wore subtle glitter on her lower lashes.

6Bronzed Beauty

High cheekbones, pinky-coral lipstick and a glowing complexion were the focus of this pretty look. Her bronzed skin nicely complimented her highlighted hair for a beachy vibe.

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7Smudged Eyeliner

Yup, even supermodels use normal girl makeup tries. For a smoldering gaze, Chrissy (or, more likely, her makeup artist!) completely lined her eyes with a charcoal-colored liner. The smudged out liner look was paired with a nude lip to keep her look simple and sultry. And might we also note how pretty her dark brown hair looks here?

8Vampy Lips

There’s that wine-red lipstick again! Chrissy Teigen was the epitome of glam girl at the 87th Annual Academy Awards this year. Her dark lips and were the center of attention against her gorgeously retro look.